Who can help me in proofreading my already prepared CDR report?

Answer: CDR, as you may already know, is the most important set of documents for a successful migration to Australia …

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Who can edit my already prepared CDR for me?

Answer: There are many expert professionals who can edit your already prepared CDR for you. If you wish to immigrate …

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Who can create my CV according to Engineers Australia guidelines?

Answer: Anyone who has ever worked towards starting or developing a career has dealt with the need for creating a …

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Who can assist me in doing my electrical engineering CDR for Engineers Australia assessment?

Answer: With increasing opportunities and great pay structures, Australia is becoming one of the favourites of Engineers all over the …

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My previously submitted CDR was rejected, who can help me in writing a new CDR according to Engineers Australia guidelines?

Answer: Competency Demonstration Report assesses your skills of technical knowledge, whether you can apply that knowledge in real life problems …

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I have already prepared my CDR report, who can review it for me? What are the charges?

Answer: As an Engineer, you need to fill up your competency declaration report as a part of the assessment process …

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