I am unsure about the format of my CDR report. What should I do?

Answer: Most of the engineers who wish to work in Australia fail to make a successful CDR (Competency Demonstration Report) …

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I am a Structural Engineer applying for NER, who can help me in writing ENGINEERING COMPETENCY CLAIMS REPORT?

Answer: An ECC (Engineering Competency Claims) Report is documentary evidence required by Engineers Australia (EA) to provide it’s Chartered Membership. …

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How to write a good CDR that can fetch me maximum points for Australian immigration?

Answer: Australian immigration is a mountain climb for many engineers. The Institution of Engineers Australia has designed a set of …

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How much time is required to write 3 career episodes, a summary statement and a CPD?

Answer: The Institution of Engineers Australia demands a competency proof of the engineering skills and English language of all those …

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How much does CDR preparation and CDR review cost?

Answer: A CDR or Competency Demonstration Report is a combination of custom-made documents that the Institution of Engineers Australia asks …

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How can I get a 100% plagiarism free CDR report?

Answer: Importance of plagiarism free CDR report A CDR (Competency Demonstration Report) report is required by the Institution of Engineers …

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