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Who is 262111 Database Administrator?

Companies have to deal with lots of data on a daily basis, for example, employee data, customer data, inventory records, and so on. Hence, they need efficient tools that can manage their data and keep it secure and safe. This raises the need for database administration in an organization. Database administrators are the people who look after the databases of a company and make sure that they are working optimally. They will be doing all the inventory tracking, managing customer data and relationships that would indeed help in planning the growth strategy of the business. From the development of databases to maintaining the security of data, they handle it all. ICT professionals who are willing to migrate to Australia need to get the ACS skill assessment done. For that, they need to prepare an RPL report as per a particular ANZSCO code.  Database administrators can find complete information about their job profile by ANZSCO under code 262111.

Job Description of 262111 Database Administrator

Database administrators are alternatively titled as DBA, database operators, database support and database specialists. The job description of database administrator 262 111 by ANZSCO include the following:

  1. Database administrators are the people who plan and develop the database management system of an organization.
  2. They have to make sure that the database system of the company follows the standard requirements of integrity, consistency, reliability and security of data.
  3. They have to maintain the performance of the database management systems and take regular backups.
  4. They also have to implement concurrency and recovery control to make sure that the company never loses its data.
  5. They are majorly required in organizations that are driven by data such as insurance agencies, content providers, medical and finance sectors.
  6. They have to make sure that the database management systems of an organization are running smoothly 24/7 so that there is no interruption in the flow of information within the company and to the end users.

Roles and Responsibilities of 262111 Database Administrator

Depending upon the employment sector database administrators may require performing several kinds of duties and may have different responsibilities. The roles and responsibilities of a database administrator by ANZSCO include the following:

  1. Ensuring that all the master files of the organization are accurate and complete by creating and maintaining the data structures, data tables, database architecture, naming conventions and data dictionaries
  2. Preparing the logical database design and then creating an appropriate database model
  3. Managing the front-end and back-end accessibility of data and monitoring the access of users
  4. Evaluating the security, privacy and integrity of user data
  5. Providing support in data-related issues, software malfunctions, client-server issues, hardware problems and workstations
  6. Taking regular backups, maintaining recovery procedures and enforcing security standards
  7. Researching the latest trends and hardware needs and recommending changes in the servers and computer networks
  8. Collaborating with the IT staff, application programmers, project managers and other technical and operational staff
  9. Monitoring the performance of the database and implementing any changes or installing new version if required
  10. Providing support to the users, clients and staff in case of data management and preparing documentation and manuals related to system logs, database instructions, policies, operational processes etc.

Qualifications Required for 262111 Database Administrator

  • The job role of a database administrator requires a degree in the field related to computer science such as information technology, computer applications, mathematics, computer systems engineering or electronics.
  • Relevant experience of 5 years minimum is a necessity in certain cases while sometimes a relevant work experience can compensate for formal education.

Skills Required for 262111 Database Administrator

The work of a database administrator can be demanding at times as many organizations rely on active databases. Hence, it is important for the applicants to showcase their competency with efficient work experience and personal skills such as:

  • business awareness in information technology
  • organizational skills
  • problem-solving abilities
  • flexibility
  • adaptability to changes
  • ability to work in a team
  • effective communication and networking abilities
  • ability to work under stringent deadlines

Job profile of 262111 database administrators are closely related with some ICT units as per ANZSCO instructions:

  1. Database Management systems
  2. Data Administration
  3. Backup and Recovery
  4. Data Security
  5. Entity Relationship Models
  6. Data Structures
  7. File systems
  8. Database Languages
  9. Data Processing
  10. Operating systems
  11. Testing Strategies
  12. Client Server Technology

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