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The Competency Demonstration Report Sample for Civil Engineer includes all the necessary reports such as Three Career Episodes, Continuing Professional Development and Summary Statement. The Content of the Civil Engineer CDR Report Sample is as follow:

Civil Engineer Career Episode Report 1

Project Name: “Design and Analysis of Multi-Storey Building”

In first career episode, the author describes the project he did when he was working as a Junior Engineer, while he was completing his Civil Engineering Degree. This career episode is based on his graduation project named as; “Building a Design and Analysis of Multi-Storey Building”. During the time, the responsibilities of the author were to:

  • Carrying out detailed study and analysis of the structures
  • Preparing work methodology and arranged meetings with the team and supervisor
  • Performing design calculations for beam, columns, foundations
  • Designing the building and carried out analysis using ETAB
  • Following the Engineering standards while carrying out design activities

Civil Engineer Career Episode Report 2

Project Name: “Construction of Temporary Steel Bridge”

In second career episode, the author explains the engineering skills he used when he was completing his Bachelor of Technology in Civil engineering. During this time his duties and responsibilities in the project “Construction of Temporary Steel Bridge” were:

  • Reviewing the project scope and objective to clear my understanding
  • Preparing detailed drawings for prefabrication steel member
  • Attending meetings with the supervisor being a team leader
  • Carrying out different supporting calculations
  • Coordinating with my team and supervisor

Civil Engineer Career Episode Report 3

Project Name: “Construction of Road”

In third career episode, the author explains the engineering skills he used when he was working as Junior Engineer. During this time his duties and responsibilities in the project “Construction of Road” were:

  • Arranging a team discussion to clarify the main objectives of the project and discussing the process required for the accomplishment of this project
  • Organizing another initial meeting with the project supervisor for the approval of project schedule and tasks of the project
  • Dividing project tasks among the team and supervising their performance personally
  • Selecting suitable materials for road construction depending upon reliability, quality and cost-effectiveness
  • Solving all the occurring problems after careful consultation and brainstorming with the team fellows

Civil Engineer Summary Statement

In his summary statement the author presents all the competency elements required for Professional Civil Engineer. There are cross references in the summary statement to the relevant paragraph of the episodes, as explained in the Engineers Australia migration skills assessment booklet. His Summary Statement is in complete accordance with the today’s requirements of the Engineers Australia.

Civil Engineer Continuing Professional Development

The CPD includes professional courses, non-professional courses and private study. CPD Sample clearly explains the author’s Civil Engineering Knowledge.

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