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Who is 135111 Chief Information Officer?

The CIOs or chief Information officers generally hold the topmost positions in the IT Department of an organization. They are today considered as key contributors in the organization who support the goals and objectives of the company. From planning and implementing the strategies of using information technology in a company and taking charge of all the IT-related operations chief information officers have a strategic, dynamic and leadership role in an organization. The Australia New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) code details the information on the occupational duties of different professions that are popular in the Australian job market. For the Chief Information Officer, the ANZSCO defines job duties and responsibilities under the code 135111. This information can be utilized by applicants willing to migrate to Australia as ICT professionals. If the duties of the applicants are in accordance with those mentioned by the ANZSCO then the applicant can select that code for their ACS RPL report.

Job Description of 135111 Chief Information Officer

Chief Information Officer job profile has two major objectives growing the business and running it efficiently side by side. They have to be aware of the competitors and serve as a connection between IT, business, clients and vendors. The ANZSCO job description for the role of Chief Information Officer 135111 includes the following:

  1. The role of Chief Information Officer evolves as the demand of the technology and customer expectations rise in a company.
  2. They have to be strategic, dynamic, decision makers rather than people who manage the costs.
  3. They have to make sure that the It systems are working fine in accordance with the company’s objectives.
  4. Chief Information Officers have a strong technical background and they have to keep themselves up to date with the latest changes in the IT sector.
  5. They make sure that with the help of latest technological advancements they can maximize the value of the company.
  6. They act as leaders, motivators and the driving force of the IT system of an organization.

Roles and Responsibilities of 135111 Chief Information Officer

The duties of Chief Information Officer or alternatively called the CTO (chief technical officer) may change completely from one organization to another. However mostly the chief technical officers share a place on the executive board of a company. The ANZSCO describe the following duties of Chief Information Officer:

  1. Developing the strategies for the efficient working of the IT departments
  2. Analyzing the needs of the organization and specifying the technological requirements accordingly
  3. Supervising software infrastructure, computer networks or computer systems of the organizations so that they can perform optimally
  4. Analyzing the value, risks, cost and other disadvantages if any of the current technologies and advising necessary changes
  5. Supervising the projects related to Information Technology
  6. Improving the equipment, software, hardware and other It resources required by the IT Department of the company
  7. Selecting and hiring new key roles for the IT department
  8. Providing ways through which the company can gain an edge over the competitors and excel further

Qualifications Required for 135111 Chief Information Officer

  • The occupation of 135111 Chief Information Officer requires a skill level that is equivalent to a bachelor degree or higher qualification in the field of IT and computer science.
  • The work experience of at least five years can sometimes balance the formal education.
  • However in certain situations or requirement conditions a relevant work experience or on the job training is a must.

Skills Required for 135111 Chief Information Officer

The role of a Chief Information Officer in an organization is highly influenced by changes in the technology and the requirements of the company. Hence they must possess attributes such as empathy, optimism, teamwork, integrity and humour if they want to succeed as an effective leader in the organization. Other skills that they may require are:

  • analytical mindset
  • problem-solving abilities
  • able to lead a group of people
  • excellent communication
  • strategic mindset
  • efficient business skills

ANZSCO defines some closely related ICT units with 135111 Chief Information Officer such as:

  1. Project Management
  2. Information systems
  3. Business Systems
  4. ICT Management
  5. System Security
  6. Risk Management
  7. Business Intelligence
  8. Resource Management
  9. System Integration
  10. Computer Science
  11. Algorithms
  12. Automata
  13. Software Engineering
  14. Software Validation
  15. Enterprise Technology

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