How does RPL assessment for IT engineers work in Australian migration?


Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a kind of assessment for those migration visa applicants to Australia who’s ICT or even tertiary ICT qualifications aren’t in line with the ACS requirements. Here, ACS or the Australian Computer Society assesses all applications on the basis of the ICT skills.

However, when the ICT qualifications do not match the requirements, these applicants have the opportunity to share ACS RPL report in an application form. By adopting this path, non-ICT professionals get to display the skills relevant to the ICT domain. They can highlight the same through “Key Areas of Knowledge” section of the RPL. All of which they have acquired through the practical work experience. They get to showcase that the practical understanding of the exact or equivalent skills is as good as getting a degree/diploma in the domain from an Australian university.

As you begin your application process, understand the expectations at the onset. Reach out to an established RPL Report Writing service provider who can help you with the same. It is very important that you have the correct information concerning all aspects of the report. To be able to see a sample report, which was approved by the ACS, is also something that will help you kick-start the process.

These experts have complete knowledge of the ACS RPL guidelines. Through their experience of working in the domain, they also understand the kind of language, writing style, and type of information that needs to go in there, to achieve a successful result. So, you might want to reach out to someone with a 99% approval rate with ACS, AE, and IPENZ.

You can submit an RPL in the following two categories:

  1. The first being for those who do have a relevant ICT degree, but not enough of ICT content to back that with. The ACS requires the candidate to have six years of professional experience as an ICT employee. Of course, the field of employment must also be relevant to the nominated discipline ANZSCO code.
  2. Candidates with no tertiary qualifications are expected to bring along an additional two years of professional experience in the ICT domain. That takes it to a total of eight years of work experience in total for these candidates. However, these additional two years are exempted from being relevant to the applied ANZCSO code.

More about the ACS RPL Report:

Out of the two projects that you need to submit through your ACS RPL report form, one should have been completed in the last three years, while the other must have been completed in the past five years. Both the projects must entail the following details for the assessor to analyse the ICT relevancy.

  1. The network topologies and size of facilities installed
  2. Project management techniques and quality parameters ensured
  3. Candidates’ contribution towards analysis and design
  4. Database and file management techniques
  5. Programming languages used
  6. Internet application design and security measures
  7. Managerial responsibilities

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