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Who is 261311 Analyst Programmer?

Analyst programmers combine the jobs of a computer programmer and business analyst and are therefore considered as the people who bridge the gap between the IT department and the business. Unlike programmers who focus only on coding, analyst programmers work all the way through gathering requirements, designing and configuring systems as well as developing them. They may also found testing the systems and providing technical support before and after system implementation. Many companies hire people as analyst programmers who can lead the team as well as manage to code. They are often found working with business analysts as well as project managers. The assessing committee that evaluates the eligibility of foreign applicants as an analyst programmer is the Australian computer society (ACS).

Job Description of 261311 Analyst Programmer

The skill level, tasks, duties, scope, purpose and key technical skills for an analyst programmer are described by the Australia and New Zealand standard classification of occupations (ANZSCO). The ANZSCO code for analyst programmer is 261311. It includes the job description of a typical analyst programmer as:

  1. They play a dual role by analyzing the information of the systems and programming the applications as per the user specifications.
  2. They work on data sets, manipulate them, analyze them and answer the typical queries of businesses.
  3. They design and develop software products.
  4. They also provide support to the clients or users of the software systems.
  5. They often have to lead the team and ensure the coordination between software development phases.
  6. They work upon analyzing the customer requirements thoroughly and identifying the technical specifications.
  7. They may also interact with customers at the time of requirement gathering, system updating and resolving technical issues.
  8. They can also test the systems, identify and rectify the faults.

Roles and Responsibilities of 261311 Analyst Programmer

In order to meet the needs of the business and customer requirements, analyst programmers, as their job description suggests, have to perform several duties and play different roles in an organization. The ANZSCO defines the roles and responsibilities of 261311 analyst programmer as:

  1. managing, analyzing and manipulating data sets and then preparing reports on various issues related to this dataset analysis
  2. designing, developing and implementing new programs and creating dedicated software applications
  3. managing the debugging and testing of the software and recommending any changes to the technical or programming team
  4. determining the functional requirements and handling the hardware specifications of the system
  5. documenting the requirements of the system
  6. managing software development projects by reviewing the requests, evaluating the projects and recommending solutions or modifications
  7. determining the cost of the project, its feasibility, objectives and timeline
  8. following up the existing project or projects that are already running and being implemented
  9. suggesting any changes in the existing projects
  10. working on evolving the existing projects based on the change in customer needs and technical innovations
  11. providing feedback to the technical team, project manager, stakeholders and other teams related to the project such as the testing team or development team
  12. keeping themselves up-to-date with the new technologies by attending seminars or keeping healthy relationships with the vendors
  13. working as a team player ensuring coordination among various teams that are working on a software project together

Qualifications Required for 261311 Analyst Programmer

  • In Australia applicants for the job of analyst programmer must have a bachelor’s degree or higher qualification in a computer-related discipline.
  • They may also use a relevant experience of 5 years of working in the industry or a relevant vendor certification to substitute the formal qualification criteria.
  • Alternative titles for an analyst programmer are ICT programmer, ICT developer or applications developer as mentioned by the ANZSCO.

Skills Required for 261311 Analyst Programmer

The ACS RPL report for 261311 analyst programmer includes the key areas of knowledge where the applicant has to clearly explain how the qualifications and the skills that they have gained can meet the skills expected by an analyst programmer in Australia. The personal skills required for succeeding as an analyst programmer are:

  • ability to work with deadlines
  • delivering high-quality work
  • proactive approach
  • quantitative and analytical aptitude
  • ability to resolve queries based on the existing information
  • leadership skills
  • written and verbal communication skills
  • business minded approach


The ANZSCO also mention some ICT core units that closely relate with this job title and an applicant must confirm with at least 65% of these technical skills:

  1. Coding skills – HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C#, JQuery, ASP.NET etc
  2. Windows and web programming frameworks
  3. Database design and administration
  4. SQL, Oracle, MySql, PL/SQL and other relational databases
  5. Documentation
  6. Software testing
  7. Software development lifecycle
  8. Software debugging
  9. Software design
  10. Algorithms
  11. Compilers
  12. Software engineering

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