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Who is 261312 Developer Programmer?

A developer programmer plays a key role in software designing, development, installation, testing and maintenance. They help in increasing the efficiency of the software and hence help the businesses in providing better services to the clients. As a developer programmer, one must be aware of the problems and possible solutions of their domain. Developer programmers are required in different industries whether it is finance, engineering, transport, retail or public organizations. The Australian Computer Society (ACS) is currently the assessment authority for ANZSCO 261312 developer programmer.

Job Description of 261312 Developer Programmer

According to the ANZSCO, a developer programmer can be alternatively titled as an ICT Developer, Application Developer or ICT Programmer. Developer programmers are expert in finding solutions by plugging-in the components together so that they can match the requirements well. The ANZSCO describes the job of a developer programmer for ACS as the one who is capable of:

  1. Integrating the specifications of software applications
  2. Comprehending the technical designs and flowcharts
  3. Understanding software builds
  4. Maintaining the software
  5. Constructing technical specifications from the functional model
  6. Conducting testing of the software
  7. Preparing the technical documentation

Roles and Responsibilities of 261312 Developer Programmer

Along with the developer programmer job description, there are certain roles and responsibilities associated with this title. These specifically help the assessing team in identifying the applicants’ capabilities. From the developer programmer roles and responsibilities given below, at least 65% of them should match the duties that an applicant mentions in their reference letters.

  1. Analyzing the needs of the system program and conducting proper research on them.
  2. Writing code that meets the system requirements as mentioned by the clients as well as the design specification and technical requirements.
  3. Maintaining the code as per given standards.
  4. Reviewing the system and identifying if there are any inefficiencies in the current software system.
  5. Finding and correcting the faults and errors in the system.
  6. Establishing the testing rules and standards as per the specifications of the system.
  7. Guiding the team on how to build software, finding strategies, evaluating the costs and helping in other decision-making tasks.
  8. Testing the whole system in real time situations.

Qualifications Required for 261312 Developer Programmer

  • The classification of a developer programmer by ANZSCO includes appropriate qualifications along with a minimum working experience in the field.
  • One must have completed graduation or a higher qualification in the relevant field.
  • The minimum work experience for 261312 developer programmer required is 5 years.

Skills Required for 261312 Developer Programmer

As an ICT developer programmer, one must be able to showcase their extraordinary communication abilities, teamwork, problem-solving and analysis skills. Also, one must qualify at least 65% of the ICT core units mentioned by the ANZSCO. Here, is a list of some closely related ICT units for developer programmers:

  1. Data Structures
  2. Compilers
  3. Algorithms
  4. Functional Programming
  5. Operating systems
  6. Object-Oriented Programming
  7. Software Programming Languages
  8. Testing
  9. Theory of Computation or Automata
  10. Business Information Systems (BIS)
  11. Quality Assurance and Quality Control
  12. Database Management Systems
  13. File Processing
  14. System Designing and Analysis
  15. Requirements Definition

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