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CDR Report Plagiarism Checking and Removal

The Migration Skilled Assessment (MSA) booklet published by Engineers Australia (EA) clearly mentions that plagiarism is not allowed in the Competency Demonstration Report (CDR). Any form of copying of data, information or other material from books, websites, journals, magazines, digital platforms, CDR samples available online and offline or CDRs submitted previously is strictly looked down upon. EA uses advanced CDR Plagiarism Checking software to identify copied content in your copy. If any content is found to be copied, the EA rejects the entire CDR. CDRReport offers you CDR Plagiarism Checking and Removal services where we employ most sophisticated software tools to identify areas which might be considered plagiarised and expert professional writers and editors that assist you in your CDR plagiarism removal efforts.


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Can Plagiarism happen accidentally too?

‘Plagiarism’ not only shows that you might not be good at communication skills but goes on to show ‘lack of ethics’ on your part. Many Engineers who apply for Australian immigration are unaware that in Australia, plagiarism invites severe penalties such as getting expelled from institutions and being banned from enrolling for further education.

Hence, it is very important engineers looking forward to settling down in Australia must submit plagiarism-free Competency Demonstration Support to the EA. Truth be told, there is so much free information floating on the Internet today that it is becoming increasingly difficult to be totally free of its influence when it comes to borrowing ideas, information, or certain phrases for your CDR. There are many plagiarism checkers available online but they only match your documents with data or content available online. CDR Australia already assessed by EA and stored in its database might pose challenges for you too.

CDRReport has advanced tools, software and techniques to identify potential plagiarism areas in your CDR and a team of seasoned experts who know how to twist them around to counter any challenges they might pose in your EA assessment.

Why should you go for CDR Plagiarism Checking service?

Plagiarism Checking for CDR Australia is a crucial step if you are looking forward to a positive assessment from EA. Here are some real pieces of evidence of EA comments that show how serious the assessing authority is about plagiarism in CDR:

“After analysing all three of your Career Episodes, I have found that a significant amount of text has been copied from a wide range of sources. I would like you to explain how this has happened. If you can offer me a satisfactory explanation, I might allow you to write all the three episodes once again in a manner that there is ‘no copying’ anymore. If you have copied your Summary Statement too, you will need to rewrite it once again too.”

“Your Career Episode #1 has a significant amount of text copied directly from Internet sources and published research papers in the ‘Introduction’, ‘Background’ and the ‘Summary’ sections. Please rewrite CE # 1 once again in your own words and submit it again.”

“We found copied text in the ‘Background’, and ‘Personal Engineering Activity’ sections of CE # 3 submitted by you. Please write it in your own words and re-submit it.”

The EA strictly says that the Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) should be ‘in your own words’ and should be written in the first person. CDRReport offers you CDR Samples for reference but we strictly advise against copying any amount of text or material from them. All the CDR assessed by Engineers Australia gets stored in their database. If your material is found similar to any CDR they have assessed previously, your CDR Report gets rejected automatically. Moreover, EA uses advanced software to identify plagiarised content and its source. Here is an example of how this plagiarism detection software highlights the pieces of content copied from somewhere else:

CDRReport’s Plagiarism Checking and Removal Services identifies phrases and sentences in your CDR report that might be copied from somewhere intentionally or unintentionally – and offers alternative ways to present it in a completely original manner.

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