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Who is 261313 Software Engineer?

Businesses today are completely dependent on software for their functionality whether it is accounting, bookkeeping, databases, asset management, desktop publishing or payroll. The software engineers are the people who play a pivotal role in developing these real solutions.

The ANZSCO software engineer is described as the one who addresses the whole life cycle of the development of software. From analyzing the needs of the software to its designing, development and testing, a software engineer holds an account for complete software development. The ANZSCO code for a software engineer is 261313 and it has mentioned their job descriptions and duties exclusively.

Job Description of 261313 Software Engineer

261313 Software Engineer can be alternatively called as a Software Architect or Software Designer in certain businesses. However, the job description for these titles is almost similar. Hence, if you are willing to work overseas you can match your job description as per the ANZSCO software engineer job description given below:

  1. Software engineers are involved in designing, development, testing and evaluation of software based on the principles and techniques of computer science.
  2. They work and design software of different types such as compilers, operating systems, application programs, network distribution systems and so on depending upon the requirements of the client.
  3. They are generally working on building algorithms and applying problem-solving techniques rather than coding the software line by line.
  4. Generally, the software engineer job role includes a process in which they first analyze the user requirements. Then, they design and construct a system as per those requirements. Then, they test the system and maintain it further as the changing needs of the user.

Roles and Responsibilities of 261313 Software Engineer

The software engineer roles and responsibilities are exclusively mentioned by ANZSCO. Hence, an applicant must confirm if their profile includes the duties as mentioned or closely relates to those for the ANZSCO 261313 software engineer. Here is a list of employment duties for a software engineer:

  1. Analyzing the user requirements and consulting the same with the whole team.
  2. Writing and maintaining the code to meet the requirements of the software, designs and other technical specifications.
  3. Working with the clients directly or closely as well as with the software development team and communicating the proposals and statuses with them.
  4. Developing the project plan and managing the life cycle of software.
  5. Testing, debugging and correcting the faults in the system.
  6. Identifying the limiting factors of the existing practices and suggesting better proposals.
  7. Building cohesion among the team to ensure smooth working of the project.
  8. Documenting and demonstrating the software solution with the help of flow charts, diagrams, layouts, charts and code comments.
  9. Recommending changes in the current policies and procedures.
  10. Investigating, learning and utilizing new technologies in the software development process.

Qualifications Required for 261313 Software Engineer

  • The assessing authority for software engineer qualifications is ACS (Australian Computer Society) that evaluates the credentials and work experience of an applicant.
  • Hence, one must make sure that the educational qualifications are in contrast with their work experience and skills acquired.
  • The software engineer education requirements generally include a bachelor or higher qualification in the relevant field such as computer science, software engineering, mathematics, or information technology.
  • Along with proper formal education, relevant work experience for at least 5 years is also required.
  • The software engineer ANZSCO can have a specialization in certain fields such as database designing, computer application engineering and system architecture.

Skills Required for 261313 Software Engineer

The role of a software engineer comes under the ICT and computing profession. Hence, the ANZSCO describes some closely related ICT units or skills that an applicant should confirm with in order to get a positive assessment from the ACS.

  1. Algorithms
  2. Automata
  3. Artificial Intelligence
  4. Data Structures
  5. Compilers
  6. Object-oriented Programming
  7. Human-Computer Interaction
  8. Software Testing and Quality Assurance
  9. Software Programming
  10. Project Management
  11. Expert Systems
  12. Database Management

One should be able to present their competitiveness and efficiency as a Software Engineer that not only holds a strong educational background or relevant work experience but strong interpersonal skills as well. Hence, along with the core software engineer skills, the characteristics and abilities of a competitive software engineer include the following:

  1. Team building and collaboration abilities
  2. Communication skills
  3. Analytical skills
  4. Problem-solving skills
  5. Critical thinking
  6. Creativity and willingness to learn

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