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Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is an assessment of skills of an individual, who do not have ICT qualifications or any tertiary ICT qualifications. Australian Computer Society (ACS) requires such an applicant to have necessary skills before they can migrate to Australia. For this reason, ACS first assesses the applicants with non- ICT or ICT that is not sufficient. The ICT professionals have to show their qualifications and work experience to the ACS for Australian Skills Migration. For this reason, the applicants without any tertiary ICT qualification have to submit ACS RPL Report Form.

The main purpose of ACS Skill assessment is to give an opportunity to non- ICT qualified professionals to showcase their skills. It also allows them to explain that they have an equivalent amount of skills and how they acquired those skills. They can also include a maximum number of areas in which they have acquired knowledge in the “Key Areas of Knowledge” section of RPL report. This section was formed by ACS Knowledge body for those applicants who do not have ICT qualifications that are equivalent to that of degree or a diploma in Australian universities but have several years of experience in professional ICT field. These candidates can apply for ICT Skills Assessment through the RPL assessment process.

CDRReport.org is an expert RPL Report writing service provider that helps candidates to avoid rejection from the Australian Computer Society (ACS). We provide RPL report to all kinds of engineers, be it Computer, Mechanical or Chemical Engineer. We have a team of professional engineers, who are aware of the competency standards and thus provide reports according to the guidelines provided by ACS. We are a global leader in writing reports and we have an approval rate of 99% from AE, ACS and IPENZ.

Categories for RPL Assessment Application

There are two categories in which the applicants can apply for RPL ACS assessment. They are mentioned below:

  1. Candidates who are qualified with a degree but their syllabus does not have any content related to ICT. These candidates should be professional ICT employees in an organisation with a minimum of six years’ experience. The field of employment should be relevant to the nominated discipline ANZSCO Code.
  2. Candidates who do not have any tertiary qualifications but have an additional two years of ICT skilled employment (a total of eight years of experience). However, these two years of employment does not necessarily be relevant to ANZSCO code.


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Requirements of RPL for ACS Project Report Form

For RPL Assessment, the candidates should submit two project reports via ACS Project Report Form. In one report, the project that is undertaken in the last three years should be mentioned and in another report, the project needs to be undertaken in the last five years. The various parameters for RPL for ACS, which should be considered for ACS Skill Assessment are mentioned below:

  • The topologies of the network with size and installed secure facilities
  • The various techniques followed during quality assurance and project management
  • The contribution of the candidate to the processes of design and implementation
  • The methodologies used in system analysis and design
  • The different techniques used in Database and file design and management
  • The programming languages used and various procedures adopted for design paradigms
  • The implementation of internet application design and security measures
  • The managerial activities in ICT that should give details about the nature of responsibilities

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