For an Australian PR does your work experience have to be related to your degree?

Answer: No, it isn’t mandatory and you can request for an Australian visa in different ways. Although if the work …

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Engineering Australia asking for more details information for CDR report. What to do next?

Answer: Yes, in some cases it may so happen that Engineers Australia asks for documented proof to validate the information …

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Does Engineers Australia ask for original project reports during a CDR assessment?

Answer: Engineers Australia certainly expects you to submit unique episodes from amongst the projects that you have completed across your …

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What is CDR (Competency Demonstration Report)?

Answer: A Competency Demonstration Report is a reflection of your skillset in your engineering domain. It is a report that …

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What are the things to take care of while writing a CDR Career Episode?

Answer: Career Episodes make for the most important section of your CDR (Competency Demonstration Report). They provide you with the …

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What are the major reasons why a CDR gets rejected?

Answer: It is truly a heart-breaking moment to find out that your CDR has been rejected by EA (Engineers Australia). …

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