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CDR Writing Services for Engineers Australia

A CDR Report is a vessel through which engineers looking forward to getting a Skilled Migration visa for Australia can prove their competencies. The Engineers Australia (EA) – the assessing authority for skilled immigration applications – prescribes certain guidelines on how to prepare your CDR.

Normally, EA asks you to do CDR writing on your own to demonstrate your communication skills to the assessor. Yet, if you present a poorly written CDR to the EA, your chances to settle down in Australia reduce considerably. CDR Writing Services for Engineers Australia offer assistance to such candidates in preparing a CDR that can help them win positive assessment from the EA and successfully get them the Australian visa. CDRReport offers CDR Writing Services by professional writers who have helped hundreds of engineers in writing successful CDR, customised to their specific career roles and achievements.


Mohammad reviewed CDRReport:

I must say your team has done a wonderful job on my Competency Demonstration Report. Communicating with your team was so easy that I can easily explain my experiences and competencies. The best thing was that the technical writers have full command on Engineers Australia's standards or guidelines and Australian English language.

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Seven Tips for CDR Report writing from our experts that can help you qualify on EA parameters:

  • Before you start writing your CDR, clearly understand the purpose of the report first and read the EA guidelines carefully. Understand that your CDR report has three important elements: Continuous Professional Development (CPD) list, three Career Episodes, and the Summary Statement. Each of them serves an important purpose in your report. Once you understand why you are writing them, it will be easier to pen the section more effectively.

  • Australian English is similar to British English. Be careful about your choice of words, spellings, and writing style and make sure that your draft fits into the Australian standards. CDRReport’s CDR Writing Services Australia experts include editors and proofreaders who are adept at quickly spotting any inconsistencies or errors in your English and do corrections wherever required. You might consider running your CDR draft through them.
  • One of our best CDR Writing Australia experts, says, “Choosing topics for your Career Episodes is half the battle. Go through the competencies EA looks for in candidates applying for the occupation category of your choice (Professional Engineer, Engineering Technologist, Engineering Associate, or Engineering Manager) and choose events of your life that showcase how you possess all those characteristics. We, as CDR services providers, use ‘Questionnaires’ to extract the right kind of information from our clients so that we can tailor right kind of Career Episodes for them.”
  • EA only wants to know about you and not your company. So, skip over the extra details about the company’s history or market share. Stick to what you personally have done for the company and the rewards and recognitions you have received. Make sure that you are able to substantiate your claims with proofs.
  • Each paragraph of all the three Career Episodes matter. In the Summary Statement, you will have to reference them and the competency element they point out to. According to the CDR writing help providers, your Summary Statement is the first page that most assessors read. It shows them how well you analyse information and serves as your ‘first impression’ on them.
  • Always write Career Episodes in first person and stick to ‘active’ voice. Some of the ways to start your sentences can be ‘I researched’, ‘I planned’, ‘I obtained feedback’ etc. Stick to facts and details of your engineering experience and avoid beating around the bush.
  • Use CDR samples only as references. Never ever copy them. Plagiarism is one of the sure-shot ways to get your CDR rejected by EA. Sometimes, plagiarism might occur accidentally too. You might read a few samples and when you finally sit down to write your own CDR, you end up using sentences and phrases that got lodged in your mind unconsciously. EA has no way to know whether you genuine made a mistake or tried to do cheating. Hence, we provide Plagiarism Checking and Removal services, where our editors use advanced tools to find out which parts of your CDR need paraphrasing.

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