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KA02 Report Writing

Knowledge Assessment 02, shortly known as KA02, is a technical report or an application for engineers to get New Zealand Skilled Migration. It is required by Engineering New Zealand (ENZ), which is a non- profit professional organisation for engineers in New Zealand. ENZ comprises of members, who are engineers or have an interest in the engineering field. ENZ has a moral code of ethics that have to be followed by every member and it also helps in the career development of the members.

ENZ requires an individual, who is applying to migrate to New Zealand, to have necessary skills before migrating. This is the reason ENZ assess the applicants with non- ICT or insufficient ICT. The ICT professionals across the world have to demonstrate their qualifications and work experience, in the field of ICT, to the ENZ for New Zealand Skilled Migration. For this purpose, the applicants have to submit KA02 report.

The main purpose of ENZ KA02 report is to allow non- qualified ICT applicants to demonstrate their skills. They have to explain how they acquired their skills and they have skills equivalent to that required by ENZ. They should include the key areas in which they have acquired knowledge for the New Zealand Skilled Migration. The KA02 report is for those applicants who have ICT qualification that is not equivalent to the degree or diploma from New Zealand universities but have lots of experience in the professional field of ICT. These candidates can apply for ICT Skills Assessment through KA02 process of assessment.

Cdrreport.org is an experienced KA02 report writing services provider that helps applicants showcase their skills in the ICT field for New Zealand Skilled Migration. We provide KA02 report to engineers of all disciplines, be it Chemical, Mechanical, Computer or Electronics. Our team of highly qualified individuals are aware of the standards followed by ENZ and hence produce reports according to the guidelines given by ENZ. With an approval rate of 99%, we have established our name in the field of KA02 report writing services New Zealand. On choosing us, the applicants get a positive assessment of their skills from ENZ in their first attempt.

There are two kinds of Knowledge Assessment reports that should be submitted accordingly.

  • If the candidate has graduated from a university of other countries that are accredited to Washington Accord or if he has graduated from the university following the guidelines of New Zealand universities and considered equivalent to qualification standards of New Zealand then he has to submit KA01 report to ENZ.
  • If the applicant has graduated from the university not affiliated to Washington Accord or any other Australian university, he has to submit KA02 report to ENZ.

Knowledge Assessment (KA02) is crucial for those engineers who have graduated from non- accredited countries and need to migrate to New Zealand. ENZ assesses their skills based on their qualifications and experience in the ICT field. There are several applicants who apply for New Zealand Skilled Migration but do not qualify because they prepare their own KA02 report. Even after having several years of technical experience, they are unable to prepare the report in a significant manner. This is because they don’t have enough knowledge about the requirements and guidelines of KA02 report.

The number of engineering applicants for migrating to New Zealand has been increasing and thus the evaluation and assessment has become more critical. It is a technical challenge to write a KA02 report and thus it is necessary to write it in a systematic manne

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We are a global leader in providing KA02 report to the applicants looking to migrate to New Zealand. We have a team of writers, who have necessary skills to write the reports. They have a lot of experience in the field of engineering and are proficient in English that enables them to write the reports for successful assessment.

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We are replete with technology and expertise to provide KA02 reports for ENZ assessment. We are an independent organisation and hence have a professional team for guiding candidates for ICT skill assessment for migration to New Zealand. We provide best service to all the candidates at very affordable prices.

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