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Who is 313113 Web Administrator?

Australia New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) provides examples of the job duties and different roles that a web administrator may have to play in an organization. In this article, you will get complete information about the job description of 313113 web administrator. Websites have become an important means of communication between organizations and their potential customers. From providing the details of the services to the introduction of new products and innovations, websites are running businesses today. Hence there is a need to maintain their optimal performance. A web administrator’s job is all about that. These people maintain the websites to ensure that they remain functional in all scenarios and can serve the user requirements and expectations. They are excellent communicators having creative skills and organizational abilities with efficient technical knowledge. The functionality and efficiency of websites are responsibilities of the web administrator.

Job Description of 313113 Web Administrator

The web administrators alternatively titled as webmasters, network and computer administrators have to look after the design backup and functionality of the websites. The job description of a web administrator by ANZSCO comprises of the following duties. The applicants can consider these as a basis for preparing their RPL report.

  1. They have to work with the clients often so that they can understand the requirements well.
  2. They have to design, build and maintain the client’s websites.
  3. They have to provide solutions to any of the problems that may arise in a website.
  4. They should have known about computer networks and their functionality.
  5. They have to evaluate the websites usage and traffic details and monitor them on regular basis.
  6. They generally work in collaboration with the whole web development team to ensure that the websites of working optimally.

Roles and Responsibilities of 313113 Web Administrator

Web administrators have different duties depending upon the type of websites and web applications they have to manage. They might be having different websites parallelly. In general, the employment duties of a web administrator by ANZSCO are the following:

  1. Monitoring systems for denial of service attacks or invasions and reporting the security breaches in the computer networks
  2. Maintain, updating and troubleshooting websites and ensuring that they are responsive in all conditions
  3. Creating and evaluating the web analytics
  4. Ensuring that the web applications and websites are working efficiently
  5. Responding to the queries of clients regarding software and hardware problems related to the websites and web applications
  6. Checking if any peripherals such as modems and printers need to be replaced or repaired
  7. Providing the required software and hardware requirements
  8. Administrating the internet and its components such as the FTP protocol, web servers, mail servers etc.
  9. Collaborating with developers and quality administrators to resolve any issues related to the information technology
  10. Maintaining the computer network systems and documenting the operational problems that arise and resolving them appropriately
  11. Testing the network software packages that can be used in the website and web applications
  12. They may have to work in a call centre to resolve queries of clients and consider their requirements

Qualifications Required for 313113 Web Administrator

  • Applicants for the job role of Web Administrator 313113 require a bachelor’s or higher degree in the relevant field such as business systems, computer architecture, application development, system engineering etc.
  • A minimum experience of 5 years in the relevant field can sometimes substitute the formal education.
  • In certain cases work experience is a necessity along with formal education.

Skills Required for 313113 Web Administrator

Web administrators must have efficient technical skills as well as people skills as they might sometimes have to work with people who do not have a technical background. On the basis of the job description of 313113 web administrator by ANZSCO, the skills needed for this job title include:

  1. critical thinking
  2. active listening skills
  3. effective writing skills
  4. programming and system analysis
  5. time management
  6. decision making and analysis

The ANZSCO also mentions some core ICT skills that is, the technical skills related to the ICT field that an applicant must have in order to ensure their eligibility as a skilled migrant in Australia. The closely related ICT units with the job role of a web administrator are:

  1. Web Technologies and Web Engineering
  2. Web Authoring
  3. Web Programming
  4. System Software
  5. Mobile Systems
  6. Network Administration
  7. Computer Networking
  8. Database Management Systems
  9. Operating Systems
  10. Multimedia
  11. Information Systems
  12. Web Administration
  13. Web Design
  14. Web Application Development

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