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Who is 263112 Network Administrator?

Computer networks are an essential part of every organization. They facilitate coordination within the departments of a company and efficient utilization of computer resources. However, with this, the need to maintain effective communication between the computer systems in an organization arises, which is looked after by a network administrator. They are the people who operate, coordinate and connect different network systems of an organization. The complete description of the job of a network administrator by ANZSCO (Australia New Zealand Standard Classification of Organizations) can be found under the occupation code 263112. This information is meant to assist the applicants in nominating and occupation. Individuals who are willing to apply for Australian migration are required to prepare an RPL report for the ANZSCO code as per their job profile. This RPL report then gets assessed by the Australian Computer Society (ACS). It determines the skills and competencies of an individual against the Australian standards. You can find more about 263112 network administrator occupations below.

Job Description of 263112 Network Administrator

The network administrator can be given alternative titles such as Network Support and Network Specialist. Hence their job descriptions comprise of almost similar tasks. A network administrator has a broad job description that comprises of the following:
  1. Network administrators have to configure and maintain all the network systems of an organization.
  2. They have to recognise and resolve the faults in the network hardware and software.
  3. They have to make sure that the servers, printers, computers and all other peripherals are working efficiently in a network system.
  4. They also have to provide user training and perform helpdesk tasks.
  5. They are responsible for maintaining a secure data communication channel throughout computer networks.
  6. They often have to work in a fast-paced environment, analyze data and find solutions to everyday network issues of the organization and its clients.

Roles and Responsibilities of 263112 Network Administrator

Network administrators have a hectic job throughout the day. Many of them work almost 40 hours per week and sometimes even provide on-call services. Network administrator roles and responsibilities as provided by the ANZSCO include the following:

  1. Installing, integrating, configuring and supporting the network system in an organization as well as for its clients
  2. Maintaining and upgrading the computer networks
  3. Developing and analyzing the complex technical specifications and data models
  4. Ensuring optimal working of computer networks by monitoring, evaluating and analyzing the network issues
  5. Ensuring data security in the network and all-time connectivity
  6. Resolving problems that the users may face
  7. Providing assistance to network architects on how to design and configure network models
  8. Managing data storage, whether it is physical data storage or cloud data storage
  9. Monitoring the traffic on the network, its capacity and usage limits to ensure uninterrupted connections and optimal network performances
  10. Installing, testing and administrating new networks along with upgraded networks, software solutions, databases, workstations and servers
  11. Preparing and maintaining the documentation for network inventory and keeping a record of all the network faults, the modifications and enhancements that are made in a network along with their instructions.

Qualifications Required for 263112 Network Administrator

  • The occupation of a network administrator requires a bachelor or higher degree in a relevant field such as computer science and information technology.
  • As a substitution of the formal education, the applicants need to provide a minimum of 5 years of work experience or a relevant vendor certification.
  • In certain cases, on-job training or relevant experience is a must for the role of the network administrator.

Skills Required for 263112 Network Administrator

Network administrators can find the job role in a variety of organizations such as technical consultancies, architectural services, insurance, educational institutions, colleges, universities, healthcare and engineering related services. Hence, the applicant must showcase their network administrator skills such as:

  1. an ability to solve problems logically
  2. time management and organizational abilities
  3. interpersonal skills
  4. passion to learn new technology
  5. ability to manage staff

The examples of ICT units mentioned by ANZSCO for the job role of a network administrator are:

  1. Computer Networks (Design, Management and Communication)
  2. Network Protocols
  3. Network Security
  4. Assembly Programming
  5. Operating Systems
  6. Distributed Computing
  7. Mobile Technologies
  8. Data Communication (LAN, WAN)
  9. Client/Server Architecture
  10. Computer Logic Design
  11. Digital Circuits
  12. Microprocessors
  13. Computer Organization
  14. Computer Science
  15. Database Management Systems

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