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Who is 263211 ICT Quality Assurance Engineer?

Nowadays a number of companies have started investing in a quality assurance team to ensure that their products do not have any problems before delivering them to the clients. A quality assurance engineer or QA engineer, therefore, holds an important position in the company. The role of a quality assurance engineer is not only confined to delivering standardized solutions to the customers but also includes trust building, cost saving and meeting the demands of the clients. The Australian New Zealand standard classification of organizations (ANZSCO) defines the complete eligibility criteria for an ICT Quality Assurance engineer under code 263211. Applicants you want to migrate to Australia as a quality assurance engineer have to get their RPL report evaluated by the Australian Computer Society (ACS). This report is a description of the achievements, skills and experience that they have gained in this job role.

Job Description of 263211 ICT Quality Assurance Engineer

A quality assurance engineer plays a major role in the manufacturing process of the company. Quality assurance engineers are hired by different industries in Australia such as IT, textiles, electronics, and automotive. The ANZSCO provides ICT Quality Assurance engineer job description as:

  1. The job of an ICT Quality Assurance engineer involves establishing quality standards that conform to the internal and external standards of the organization and its culture.
  2. The main focus of a quality assurance engineer throughout their job is on achieving quality standards and monitoring the statistics accordingly.
  3. Their major working environment is testing laboratories or manufacturing facilities.
  4. They have to perform audits and assess the functionality of complete software systems as well.
  5. They may also supervise the team of quality assurance in a company.
  6. They have to monitor the complete software development cycle and hence make sure that the system meets its requirement at every stage.

Roles and Responsibilities of 263211 ICT Quality Assurance Engineer

The ANZSCO code information contains examples of quality assurance engineer roles and responsibilities that the applicants can use and nominate the ICT occupation accordingly. The role of a quality assurance engineer includes the following:

  1. Defining criteria of product acceptance with the consent of the development team
  2. Creating the quality management policy that the development team must follow
  3. Developing and executing test case scenarios and developing the test plan
  4. Identifying and documenting the record of tracking bugs in the product
  5. Providing timely feedback to the development team by reviewing the requirement specification and technical designs
  6. Performing quality audits time to time to make sure that the system confirms with the standards and is effectively achieving all quality goals
  7. Applying software testing skills and procedures to test the system against quality standards
  8. Finding the issues behind the dips in quality of a product and thus finding the right solution to tackle the problem
  9. Defining a target for Quality Control and ensuring that these targets are maintained by reviewing them periodically
  10. Identifying the risks that may occur in the process of meeting the quality standards
  11. Evaluating and analyzing the technical problems that may arise in the installation, repairing, maintenance or configuration of the system including hardware such as desktop, printers etc and software programs such as operating systems, databases, email, internet etc.

Qualifications Required for 263211 ICT Quality Assurance Engineer

  • In order to be eligible for nomination of 263211 ICT Quality Assurance engineer, the applicant should have a bachelor or higher qualification in the relevant field which include subjects like quality control, operations research, facilities planning, design and simulation.
  • A work experience in the same field for a minimum of 5 years or vendor certificate can also compensate for the formal education.

Skills Required for 263211 ICT Quality Assurance Engineer

The skills required for a quality assurance engineer not only include strong interpersonal abilities but a clear understanding of the ethical procedures of quality assurance. Hence, a quality assurance engineer should possess the following:

  1. a passion for perfection
  2. an expertise in the principles of engineering
  3. must be aware of the ISO standards and ICT software policies
  4. knowledge of software development processes
  5. critical thinking and analytical skills
  6. investigative abilities
  7. strong communication skills


ICT core units required for the job role of quality assurance engineer are:

  1. ICT Security
  2. Quality management
  3. Quality Assurance
  4. Operations Research
  5. Computer Forensics
  6. Software Validation
  7. Data Communication
  8. Software Engineering
  9. Database Management Systems
  10. Information Security
  11. Business Information systems
  12. Risk Management
  13. Software Testing

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