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Who is 261399 Software and Application Programmer?

With businesses focusing on developing mobile-friendly applications, the demand for software and application programmers has been rising sharply in every industry. Not only restricted to mobile applications, but these people also develop applications related to several domains and platforms such as cloud-based applications, web applications, Windows or desktop applications. Various businesses hire software and application programmers to seek complete software solutions from them. In some businesses, the application programmers are expected to build the frameworks while in others they are expected to develop complete software solutions. Hence, they must be aware of programming paradigms and software development process along with mastery on at least one programming language. The Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupation (ANZSCO) 261399 include the complete requirements for ACS software and application programmers.

Job Description of 261399 Software and Application Programmer

The job titles and roles of software and application programmers may vary between organisations. Sometimes there are requirements for people with specific skills or specialisations like mobile application development, office suites, accounting software development or graphics software development. However, in general, the job of a software and application programmer can be described as:

  1. Software and application programmers often have to write code as per the user specifications.
  2. They are familiar with a variety of operating systems and application development platforms.
  3. They work for creating complete software solutions for the users.
  4. They work closely with analysts and software engineers.
  5. They have the know-how of different application development languages like Java, Oracle, C#, C++ so that they can develop the apps efficiently.
  6. They may also have to test the systems and improvise them.
  7. They are in continuous interaction with computers while writing programs, processing data, setting functions and building software.

Roles and Responsibilities of 261399 Software and Application Programmer

The various tasks and duties that a software and application programmer performs, in general, are being described by the ANZSCO. In order to qualify the assessment conducted by Australian Computer Society one must be able to showcase the following roles and responsibilities in their RPL report:

  1. having thorough discussions with clients and then building system specifications
  2. translating the specifications into a programming language
  3. finding a solution to the problems specified by the client and building strategies for the same
  4. creating, implementing and maintaining the source code of the application
  5. designing the prototype of the application
  6. creating the user documentation, technical specifications and procedures
  7. performing testing at different levels of software development – unit testing, system testing, integration testing, functional testing and non-functional testing
  8. adding new features in existing applications and updating them
  9. learning new ways to develop applications and keeping them self-updated regarding the new development frameworks
  10. working in coordination with the whole software development team, brainstorming specific software solutions and creating effective applications

Qualifications Required for 261399 Software and Application Programmer

  • The ANZSCO specifies that an applicant must hold a bachelor’s or higher degree in a relevant field such as information systems, computer science, computer applications or software engineering.
  • Otherwise, the applicant must hold a relevant experience of at least 5 years in the same field.
  • Applicants of job titles as Analyst Programmer, Software Tester, Software Designer, Software Architect or Developer Programmer can also apply in this category.

Skills Required for 261399 Software and Application Programmer

The applicants for 261399 software and application programmers must showcase their skills to the assessing committee to strengthen their application. The demand for software and application programmer has already increased in recent years in Australia and is still expected to rise for the coming years. However, employers not only look for people who have in-depth technical knowledge but people who have a willing to learn attitude and strong interpersonal skills such as:

  • a logical approach to finding solutions
  • problem-solving abilities
  • attention to details
  • genuineness and creativity
  • ability to communicate information to people with technical as well as non-technical background
  • ability to coordinate in a team
  • analytical thinking skills

The ANZSCO has exclusively mentioned core ICT units that are the skills or areas of knowledge that are closely related to this job. Here is a list of some ICT units for a software and application programmer:

  1. Computer Algorithms
  2. Automata Theory
  3. Programming
  4. Software Engineering
  5. Operating Systems
  6. Object-Oriented System Analysis and Design
  7. Functional Programming
  8. Systems Testing
  9. Systems Programming
  10. Business Information Systems
  11. Electronics
  12. Computer files processing
  13. Human-Computer Integration
  14. Artificial Intelligence
  15. Project Management
  16. User Requirements Gathering

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