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Who is 261211 Multimedia Specialist?

Nowadays multimedia is being used extensively for different business requirements whether it is advertising, presentations, website designs, webinars and mobile web designing. Hence businesses require individuals who are expert in creating multimedia packages comprising of audio, video, graphics, images and textual information. A multimedia specialist is a person who can fulfil all these requirements of the business. From website designing to video production and multimedia tools they manage it all. Typical employers of multimedia specialists are educational organizations, government agencies, engineering firms, IT firms, telecommunication industry, advertising organizations and publishers. The complete description of 261211 multimedia specialist job role and duties is mentioned by the ANZSCO (Australia and New Zealand standard classification of occupations). The authority that evaluates the eligibility of an immigrant for the job role of a multimedia analyst is the Australian computer society (ACS). The applicants submit an RPL skills application incorporating their achievements and technical ability to ensure that they are suitable for such a job role.

Job Description of 261211 Multimedia Specialist

The ANZSCO provide alternative titles for 261211 multimedia specialists as the multimedia developer, the electronic game developer on the multimedia programmer. The multimedia specialist job description by ANZSCO provides an overview of the core job requirements such as:

  1. Multimedia specialists are the people who hold expertise in audio, video and other digital media.
  2. They combine several media such as graphics, sound, videos, animations, text and photos together and create multimedia presentations, motion pictures, games, websites etc.
  3. They must be aware of the authoring programs, file transfer software and content management applications.
  4. They should be able to resolve any technical issues that may arise in the production and processing of the multimedia files.
  5. They may have to handle website production hence they require web programming and scripting knowledge.

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Roles and Responsibilities of 261211 Multimedia Specialist

Multimedia specialist roles and responsibilities may vary depending upon the requirements of a company. As described by ANZSCO multimedia specialist has to perform the following:

  1. Communicating with the clients to understand their requirements
  2. Recommending clients about what can be feasible technically and what will be an effective solution of their requirements
  3. Working in collaboration with animators web designers, programmers and video producers, supervising the designing team or guiding them as required
  4. Collaborating with network specialists or network engineers regarding that network related issues with websites such as data integrity, data security, web hosting, user access, space allocation, backup and recovery
  5. Testing the multimedia products for any technical errors or faults and making appropriate changes
  6. Using different Computer-aided design packages such as Photoshop, Flash Player, Dreamweaver, Illustrator and Apple Final Cut Pro etc
  7. Authoring the files in one program using programming languages like C++ or Java
  8. Presenting the final designs to the client and getting their approval
  9. Providing assistance in specifying and designing internet strategies and web-based methods
  10. Working in coordination with a multimedia team comprising of a project manager, interface designer, video specialist, multimedia programmer, multimedia producer and audio specialist as well as working as an individualized entity depending upon the needs of the organization

Qualifications Required for 261211 Multimedia Specialist

  • The multimedia specialist education requirements include a bachelor’s degree or higher qualification in a field related to multimedia and technologies such as computing, computer science, multimedia technology, design, animation, software development, web development, visual arts and business information systems (BIS).
  • A relevant experience of minimum 5 years can be used as a compensation of formal education in certain cases.

Skills Required for 261211 Multimedia Specialist

Along with multimedia specialist qualifications, the ANZSCO provides some core ICT units or skills that are related to this profession. The applicant must confirm the ability to work as a multimedia specialist in their RPL skill application. Along with technical skills, the following characteristics are essential for a successful multimedia specialist:

  • Highly creative and imaginative
  • Teamwork abilities
  • Organizational and time management traits
  • A good eye for details and designing
  • Excellent communication skills with clients as well as technical team members
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills
  • A willing to learn attitude

Core ICT units related with Multimedia Specialist profile are:

  1. Animation
  2. Computer graphics
  3. Image processing
  4. Operating Systems
  5. Web Engineering
  6. Application Development
  7. Interface Designing
  8. Client-Server Technology
  9. Multimedia Technology
  10. Programming (Java, C++, Internet Programming, Game Programming)
  11. System Design
  12. System Analysis
  13. Mobile Technology
  14. Object-Oriented Design

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