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Who is 263113 Network Analyst?

Network analysts are hired by a variety of companies such as network consulting organizations, government agencies, retail companies, IT firms and financial firms. Network analysts make sure that the networks (interconnected computers) in an organization are working efficiently and there is no interruption in the communication between them. Hence, they are aware of the hardware and software configurations. Without network analysts, it might become difficult to manage and install all the computer networks within and outside a company. The Australia and New Zealand standard classification of occupations (ANZSCO) defines the job roles and skills required for migrants who are looking forward to career opportunities in Australia under the code 263113. As per ANZSCO, network analysts can be alternatively titled as network designers or network strategists. The Australian computer society (ACS) evaluates an applicant’s eligibility through the RPL report that they submit as an evidence of their capabilities and prior experience in the relevant field.

Job Description of 263113 Network Analyst

Typically network analysts may work in an official environment or even remotely and manage the network systems. Network analyst job description as defined by the ANZSCO is the following:

  1. Network analysts research and analyze the architecture of networks.
  2. They may have to provide solutions for problems that are related to networks and businesses.
  3. They ensure the complete working of the networks of an organization from its installation to its maintenance.
  4. They have to monitor the networks continuously and suggest upgradation if required.
  5. They may have to work in collaboration with the IT department of the company or as an individual entity and then report to a senior network manager.
  6. Sometimes they also need to provide support to the staff and various departments regarding network issues.

Roles and Responsibilities of 263113 Network Analyst

The network analyst roles and responsibilities include a variety of tasks that may vary depending upon the needs of an organization. The applicant must confirm with the tasks and responsibilities as mentioned by the ANZSCO in order to achieve positive results for their RPL evaluation. The main duties of a network analyst can be:

  1. Configuring, installing and maintaining the system networks so that they function efficiently
  2. Assisting different departments of a company in maintaining the network by installing firewalls and routers
  3. Providing network engineering support to various departments in case they are facing any issues
  4. Analyzing and identifying the problems with the network. Hence testing the network such as faulty hardware or software, cable issues, improper installation and so on
  5. Fixing the network issues and recommending any changes if required in the hardware or software
  6. Providing business-related solutions that can help the staff in performing their functions in an efficient manner
  7. Identifying the benefits of using a new technology in the company and hence implementing it
  8. Constantly researching and learning new improvements in the field and finding out ways to improve the current system network
  9. Ensuring that the network system standards are being maintained such as utilization of resources, the speed of the network etc by monitoring the network conditions
  10. Documenting the important information related with the network systems such as configuration information for hardware and software and the layout of the network

Qualifications Required for 263113 Network Analyst

  • Network analyst education requirements as mentioned by ANZSCO include a bachelor’s degree or higher qualification.
  • The applicants may compensate for a formal education with the help of a minimum of 5 years work experience in the same field.
  • Sometimes additional training can be required along with formal education in order to fulfil the network analyst qualification criteria.
  • The network analyst applicants may hold a specialization in network consultancy or network architecture as required by ANZSCO.

Skills Required for 263113 Network Analyst

The job description of a network analyst not only demands some technical skills but business skills as well. The ANZSCO mentions some core ICT skills that the applicant should fulfil while applying for an RPL evaluation. Additionally, there is a generalized list of some personal skills that a network analyst can mention in their report.

  • Result oriented personality
  • Problem-solving and analytical abilities
  • Effective interpersonal communication skills
  • Ability to troubleshoot
  • Ability to collaborate with a team
  • Ability to make wise decisions if required


Core ICT skills related with Network Analyst job role are:

  1. Computer Networks (Programming, Design and Maintenance)
  2. Data Communication
  3. Mobile Technology
  4. Distributed Computing
  5. Wireless Technology
  6. System Software
  7. Network Protocols
  8. Computer Organization
  9. Digital Circuits
  10. Digital Design and Technology
  11. Computer Science
  12. Microprocessors
  13. Network interfacing and topologies
  14. Project Management
  15. Microwave and Satellite Communication

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