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CDR Report Editing and Proofreading

CDRReport offers CDR Editing and Proofreading Services for those who just want to run their CDR through a team of seasoned experts first before they submit it to Engineers Australia (EA) – the assessment authority which decides whether you have engineering skills and knowledge that match the Australian standards or not. CDR Editing service we offer is not restricted to merely checking your spelling and grammar mistakes. We check for any factual errors you might have made, the way you have structured your content and whether it matches EA guidelines or not, whether you have used Australian English or not, and whether your Career Episodes and Summary Statement cover all the elements related to your occupation category or not.

The detailed feedback report from our CDR Editor also includes suggestions and recommendations on how you can make your CDR more effective so that it sails smoothly through the EA process.


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7 Tips on Perfect CDR Editing for EA

Editing your CDR is very important. As you edit your Competency Demonstration Report, you might have to review the overall structure of your CDR, writing Career Episodes again to make them more effective, focus on the elements mentioned in the Summary Statement, and ensure that you have successfully conveyed to the EA that you are a capable engineer who deserves to get an Australian visa. Here are some tips on editing and proofreading CDR Australia from some of our best editors and proofreaders:

  1. Do not initiate the editing and proofreading process just after you have finished writing your CDR. Take a break of a day or two. Then, read through the EA guidelines once again and read aloud your CDR to see if it follows all the guidelines well or not. Check whether you have covered all the elements mentioned in the EA list or not. You might have to write your Career Episodes once again to bring out the competency elements EA is looking for. It is even better if someone with good command over language and your subject goes through your CDR report for you – as they will be able to offer a fresh perspective on it without any prejudices or biases. CDRReport editors offer these services at highly affordable prices.
  2. Check the structure of sentences and overall content properly. Look for any incomplete phrases or ideas that have been introduced but not explained properly later. Rewrite them. Also check, if you have referenced paragraphs from Career Episodes correctly in your Summary Statement – and that it matches the element against which it is mentioned. Wrong referencing is one of the biggest reasons why a CDR gets negatively assessed by EA.
  3. Treat CDR like a presentation. Be careful about using the same formatting style, font size, and spacing throughout your report. Do not try to experiment with colors. Stick to the traditional EA CDR Template style.
  4. Proofreading your CDR means to look for any spelling mistakes, style blunders, punctuation mistakes, and other types of grammatical errors in your copy. There is no scope for typographical errors in the EA copy. Usually, reading your CDR carefully after two or three days of writing it allows you to detect such silly mistakes easily.
  5. Proofreading concerns itself with surface errors while editing digs deeper into your CDR. Still, it is a vital step in coming up with a zero-error CDR. Some of the things CDR proofreaders concern themselves with are:
    • Are there any spelling errors in the CDR report?
    • Have all the commas, full stops, colons, semicolons and other punctuation marks have been used correctly or not?
    • Have homonyms been used correctly (e.g. there and their)?
    • Have apostrophes and quotations marks been used according to the Australian English practices?
    • Is spacing between the words and paragraphs appropriate?
    While most of the inconsistencies, spelling mistakes, and grammatical errors are pointed out by MS Word and software tools like Grammarly, a professional CDR editor and proofreader is much more accomplished at understanding the nuances of English language and traditional writing conventions. Through experience, they can identify any inconsistencies in engineering terminology you use or incidents you mention in your report.
  6. Questions a professional CDR editor asks while editing the CDR Australia are:
    • Have proper words been chosen to express your ideas or capabilities?
    • Have you written in active voice and in the first person?
    • Do your Career Episodes sound too technical? In this case, the editors suggest how to improve CE writing to make it more relevant for Engineers Australia assessment.
    • Does the tone of your writing convey confidence? Does it border around arrogance? Tweaking your words a bit may help you make a better impression.
    • Does your CE sound like a fiction? EA positively hates CDR reports that resorts to ‘lying’ and ‘cheating’. It only wants facts and details of your actual work from you. If you have included things that you can’t prove or have included superfluous details that are not related to your engineering work and experience – they need to be edited out of your CDR mercilessly.
    • Is your CDR writing effective? Quality writing is about fluency, consistency, and presenting persuasive arguments. A good editor can add life to your CDR by modifying it in a manner that it wins EA approval in no time.
  7. The editing and proofreading sessions should be separated. Proofread your first CDR draft, edit it, and then proofread it once again before you submit it to Engineers Australia.

Why opt for CDRReport’s CDR Editing Services?

CDRReport has a team of qualified engineers and expert writers who can edit and proofread your CDR for Australian immigration in no time. Our experts have been assessed by EA positively and they know what it takes to win the EA approval for Skilled Migration visa. Hence, we have been successfully churning out high-quality Competency Demonstration Reports that have been positively assessed by EA on a consistent basis. CDRReport ensures 100% customer satisfaction through its strict quality checking procedures. Your CDR goes through three rounds of ‘editing and proofreading’ by us:
  • First, it goes through professional editors and proofreaders who check the copy for any language-related errors.
  • Then, it goes through subject experts (with specialisation in your engineering field) who check it for any factual or technical errors or other expertise-related data and information you have included in your report.
  • In the end, your CDR gets reviewed by our EA experts who check whether it follows all the guidelines or not and whether it is ready to be submitted to the Engineers Australia or not.

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