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Who is 223211 ICT Trainer?

IT skills are today a necessity in organizations and hence all the employees should know how to use the software packages and information systems that are being used in their companies. For instance, the email systems, spreadsheets and word processing packages are some of the applications that are used frequently in all the organizations. Hence, ICT trainers are needed who can provide training to the staff of an organization regarding the usage of such applications. They provide adequate training to the employees by designing efficient training courses on these software applications. In other words, these are computer experts that act as a resource for the whole company regarding the correct usage of current software applications. Their passion and willingness to learn new technology and eloquent communication abilities make their work interesting and easy to handle. The Australia New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO0 provides the description of this occupation under the code 223211. The assessing authority of the RPL application for the job role of ICT trainers is Australian Computer Society (ACS).

Job Description of 223211 ICT Trainer

The working schedule of ICT trainers can be hectic as they have to provide training sessions to the employees at weekends or in the evening time after office hours. The job profile of 223211 ICT Trainer

includes the following:

  1. They have to design and develop training programs for the staff of an organization and conduct the training sessions.
  2. They may have to communicate with users or the staff frequently to understand their learning needs.
  3. They would have to take feedback from the staff regarding the training sessions to understand if the session was a success.
  4. They must have excellent technical skills as well as user skills so that they can provide effective training.
  5. ICT trainers can find a job role in large organizations, educational institutions or colleges.
  6. They must have excellent written communication skills as well because they may need to prepare user manuals and guides.

Roles and Responsibilities of 223211 ICT Trainer

ANZSCO provides examples of roles and job duties of ICT trainers so that the professionals nominating this occupation can get a clear idea about the occupation requirements for 223211 ICT trainers in Australia. Their main roles and responsibilities include:

  1. Identifying the technical requirements of the employees and the company on an overall basis
  2. Conducting meetings, workshops, group discussions and conferences in order to provide ICT training to the employees
  3. Designing, scheduling and conducting the ICT training classes
  4. Researching the latest software or technical trends and thereby conducting new training sessions from time to time providing the latest information to the employees
  5. Monitoring the performance of the employees through their training sessions
  6. Evaluating the effectiveness of the training sessions by conducting surveys, questionnaires and taking feedback from the employees
  7. Creating tutorials, user guides, manuals, handbooks and providing complete guidance to staff so that they can access information from the software applications correctly
  8. Gaining comprehensive knowledge regarding the ICT subjects so that they can provide an efficient solution to the employees
  9. Maintaining the records of the trainees regarding their learning development and resource allocation
  10. Conducting pre-assessment tests of the employees to understand the knowledge gap between their current skill levels and required skill levels
  11. Collaborating with the training providers outside the organization and arranging training programs

Qualifications Required for 223211 ICT Trainer

  • The 223211 ICT Trainer or educator requires a bachelor or higher qualification in fields related to ICT such as computer science, information technology, human resources, business and management.
  • Otherwise, applicants require experience of at least five years.
  • Some organizations may require on the job training along with formal qualification.
  • The applicants may also produce relevant certification from a vendor and compensate for formal education (University degree).

Skills Required for 223211 ICT Trainer

The job profile of 223211 ICT Trainer incorporates various technical and professional activities including resolution of complex issues, high research and investigation and designing. Therefore, the applicants must represent their business as well as personal skills in the RPL application to attain a positive assessment from ACS. Some personal skills that are required for the job role of an ICT trainer are:

  • coordination and organization
  • communication ability both written and verbal
  • presentation skills
  • ability to motivate people
  • time management skills
  • confident personality with an enthusiasm to teach

ICT trainers may not be proficient in programming languages or software development but should hold knowledge about ICT subjects. The ANZSCO mentions the ICT units related to this occupation as:

  1. Advanced ICT Subjects
  2. Introductory ICT Subjects
  3. Education and Training
  4. Theory of Education
  5. Communication and Media
  6. Online Training Systems

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