How can we write a successful CDR report for Australian immigration?


The only way to ensure that you submit a winning CDR to Engineers Australia is that you work on it in alignment with the EA guidelines; use impeccable language; choose the most strategic projects; and have evidence to back your claims.

Engineers Australia requires your CDR for the very simple fact that it wants to assess your competencies and skills basis what they are looking for in the Australian scenario. When you apply for a skilled migration visa, basis a specific ANZCSO code, for a specified occupational role, they would want to see your experience and accomplishments that back your candidature.

The report isn’t just a simple piece of a documentary report. It comprises a Continuing Professional Development where you can share the developmental initiatives that you have taken all through the past years. Let the assessors know that you have been a part of innovative projects and how you have benefitted from them. Share briefly the seminars or workshops that enriched you on a [particular theme (relevant to your domain); tell them of journals that you subscribe to or a research paper you have published. Through this section, EA assessors will gauge your ability to stay open towards constant changes in your domain and how you tend to stay updated while enhancing your competencies and skills.

As you work your way towards the next phase of your CDR, you need to write three Career Episodes, which detail out three significant projects (or instances during the same), wherein, you were successfully able to display some or many of the competencies and skills that the EA wants to see in you. So, take a virtual walk down your professional journey to find the most relevant scenarios here. While you write them down, you need to do that using an active voice and a prescriptive style of writing. Remember that the assessors need to know you as a professional and listen to your personal experiences. When you share these episodes in an active voice, it tends to make them more personalized and impactful. Begin sentences like ‘I calculated’, ‘I elaborated’, ‘I tested’…etc.

In the last and the most impactful section of your CDR, the Summary Statement, you are giving the assessor a quick glance of the entire report. You need to map the competency elements that you depicted with specific paragraphs in your episodes, and you need to do that using the units and indicators suggested by the EA, in the Migration Skills Assessment booklet.

Now that you understand the gist of writing a successful CDR, you need to ask yourself if you have the desired skills to do that or you need expert assistance for the same. In the first scenario, you can actually read through all guidelines shared by EA in the MSA booklet and work on your report yourselves. However, always reach out to an expert to get the draft reviewed. This could save the day for you. While you have taken out so much time out from your already busy schedules and put in so many efforts, you can still face rejection with EA. This could be due to your lack of understanding regarding certain guidelines, less exposure to Australian English, inappropriate writing style, grammatical or factual errors at some places, plagiarised content, and more. An expert reviewer can help you sail through this scenario, by offering proofreading and editing services at the most affordable charges.

In the second scenario, you can actually seek assistance from CDR writers to work on your report from the very beginning. They have all the required experience in this field and work on thousands of reports every year. CDR writers comprise a team of writers and engineering professionals adept at this task. Not only do they understand EA guidelines to the core, but they also understand what can help you sail through the assessment successfully. With existing obligations at the work and family front, it certainly is a difficult scenario to deal with. However, CDR writers can save the day for you by offering you professionally written CDRs, pertaining to the desired ANZSCO code, within desired deadlines.

Moreover, your reports are 100% plagiarism free and absolutely unique. Your report will depict your personal journey in the professional space and elaborate on your competencies and skills appropriately.

February 27, 2019

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