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Importance of CDR Report Editing Service

Engineers residing in U.S.A and other parts of the world who are looking to acquire Skilled Migration visa know the importance that a perfect CDR Report holds. It is an instrument through which they can get the necessary approval from Engineers Australia (EA). Going through this important step is mandatory and only then can one be eligible to start their technical career in Australia.

Even the slightest mistake that you end up committing on this CDR report can cost you a great deal. Despite all your efforts, the room for making errors on this highly detailed report is vast. This is why a lot of engineers writing their CDR Report make use of CDR Editing service where our panel of experts review and edit their entire essay. EA is the designated authority that decides whether an applicant has the required engineering skills and knowledge that measure up to Australian standard or not. When our team of professional engineers edit your work, they look for all sort of factual or structural errors. Special care is taken to ensure that your work does not miss out on any EA guidelines including usage of proper Australian English and inclusion of all elements in Career Episodes and Summary Statement.

Why avail CDR Report Editing services?

The team of experienced engineers and writers employed by us has already been through the determining test of the EA. Being successful in their personal assessment has made them thoroughly well-versed with its guidelines and requirements. Hence, they can help an American engineer sail through the EA’s assessment process easily.

Our CDR editors have already helped countless engineers realize their dream by helping them present a high-quality CDR Report to the EA. They thoroughly proofread every bit of the report and pick out any inadequacy that can be a reason for its rejection. Our expert writers leave no stones unturned to assure that your report meets all the necessary criterions that are expected from a good CDR Report. Apart from meeting basic standards of good grammar and spelling, your essay must showcase that you have displayed all the required competencies in your professional life. The editing services offered by us are available at very affordable prices and can be very useful in adding the required gravitas to your report.

The CDR Report editing done by our editors goes through a strenuous checking procedure. It is put through three important rounds of editing and proofreading. These filters are a way of assuring that your work is thoroughly checked for any errors, both big and small.

  • It is firstly checked by our expert editors and proofreaders who pick out all language-related mistakes. Being proficient in Australian English, they make sure you have not committed any irregularity in terms of using the correct form of language.
  • The second round of checking is done by our panel of subject experts who have specialized in your engineering field. They check your work for any kind of technical or factual mistakes. Also, any other data or information related to the specific field that has been used incorrectly is picked out by them.
  • Finally, the last round of CDR Report editing is where your work gets reviewed by our EA experts. They make sure that the report thoroughly follows all the specified guidelines and is ready for submission.

Tips by our panel of experts for effective editing and proofreading

Here are some tips from our CDR editors that can help you proofread your report better:

  1. The basic rule of good proofreading is to never do it just after you have finished writing the report. Rather, take a break of a day or two and then re-read everything with a fresh mind. Go through your EA Report and read it aloud in order to pick out any mistakes. Take good care to ascertain that your work follows all the required guidelines. It has to reflect all the elements of the EA list and showcase every competency in the occupational category. Perhaps, the best way to proofread is to get the perspective of another person. This is where you can make use of CDR editors who will perfectly carry out this task.
  2. One cannot overlook the necessary criteria of good grammar usage and proper sentence structure. You don’t want to confuse the EA assessor by not explaining your ideas properly or by using incomplete phrases. Another matter that needs to be taken care of is that the paragraphs from Career Episodes correlate perfectly with the Summary Statement.
  3. According to our CDR editors, your CDR should look like a presentation. Special consideration should be given to the usage of formatting style, font size, and spacing in the entire report. Avoid experimenting with colours altogether and follow the traditional EA CDR Template style.
  4. Even typographical errors are enough to cost you your CDR Report approval. As a professional matching up to the EA standards, your work must be a complete package devoid of any spelling mistakes, style blunders and punctuation mistakes. In order to spot these tiny mistakes, you need to read your work carefully preferably after a gap of few days of writing it. Professional proofreaders read each of the lines separately in order to leave no scope of errors.
  5. While proofreading is part of the process, editing is another task altogether. It is something that is much more elaborate than rectifying a few errors. As part of the CDR Report editing, our editors focus on a lot of things that includes:
    • Usage of proper words to showcase ideas and capabilities.
    • The use of active voice in the essay and also whether it’s written in the first person.
      To make sure that the Career Episodes cover all technical details but they do not fall in the danger of being too technical.
    • The tone of the report which should reflect confidence but not arrogance.
    • Any inclusion of unnecessary details or information that sound fake or lacks credible proof.
    • Follow the correct pattern of proofreading, editing and proofreading again.
    • In the end, the main focus is to add quality to your CDR Report. It should not look like a collection of information but should have fluency. It must be able to present a good argument and impress the assessors.

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