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As an engineer planning to migrate from the U.S.A to Australia, you know that an impressive CDR Report makes all the difference. CDR writing requires a lot of research work and detailed analysis. It involves a lot of other work which includes making a list of Continuing Professional Documents (CPD), writing three career episodes and preparing a summary statement. Even after writing, reviewing and proofreading the entire work, you still stand a chance of making errors.

This is where CDR Australia review plays a crucial part in saving the day and eliminating any chance of mistakes in your CDR. If the assessment outcome does not have the desired result it can be detrimental for your career. Now, that’s a risk you cannot think of taking at any cost.

Reasons why a CDR can get rejected

There are actually numerous reasons that can cause your CDR to fail the requirements that the EA looks for. Your report can get rejected, you can be asked to re-submit it or in a worse case, you can get casted into a lesser category for which you were not aiming for. The smallest error on your CDR that manages to evade you can become the reason for you not making it to the immigration interview. Below listed are some reasons why your report can face rejection:

    • Not making use of the valid format of writing report and using bullet points where you should be using paragraphs. Such small but tiresome issues can easily be dealt with CDR review service.
    • Any kind of overuse of technical details like tables, calculations, photos and diagrams.
    • Plagiarism of any sort is not tolerated, especially details pertaining to academic and work area.
    • Every Career Episode and associated competency must talk about a different project report. You cannot tweak details about the said project and fit it into two different Career Episodes.
    • Another repetitive mistake is talking about any group project that is undertaken by you but without putting emphasis on your role in it. The EA wants to know about your abilities and will not be able to gauge them unless you don’t talk about duties and responsibilities carried out by you.
    • A major hurdle faced by candidates from the U.S.A and other countries is the usage of Australian English. You are given the choice to write your CDR in different language provided you include a translation with it. Though, it does not bear the same impact as writing career episodes in Australian English. This issue can be easily dealt with by taking help of someone proficient in writing Australian English.
    • Leaving out important things like problem statements, steps and technologies implemented or solve the problems and necessary details about design activities that you were part of.
    • Leaving out personal attributes in your report such steps you took for environmental and personnel safety.
    • Failing to mention crucial information such as company profile, objective, location and duration of the project.

Why make use of CDR review service?

Despite your best endeavour, your CDR can fail to meet all or any of the guidelines put down by Engineers Australia (EA). Even a little negligence on your part can cost you your work visa, but all that can be avoided by making use of CDR review service provided by us. We have a team of highly professional engineers and technical writers who can help you prepare the best report and achieve your ambition of migrating to Australia.

These experts are well versed with all the guidelines that EA follows. They have already been through the strenuous test that all engineers migrating from the US to Australia are put through. Review my CDR service that we offer scrutinizes your report picking out any errors in terms of format or the matter written inside. Our editors are skilled at discerning any kind of mistakes or irregularities in your work.

Moreover, CDR Australia review focuses on one integral fact that must be the highlight of every CDR report. It is the ability to be able to skillfully project that the candidate not only has but has displayed all the required expertise in his professional life. Often candidates in their haste to meet all the required criterions, miss out this crucial step. Our professional writers make sure that your CDR report meets all the necessary standards that are defined by EA. They not only identify all the mistakes committed by aspirants but also provide a detailed report about all the crucial elements that the CDR has failed to cover.

Our team of experts has helped many aspirants seeking to start their career in Australia with their CDR Reports. They have reviewed each candidate’s work in detail and saved them from making a grave error in this crucial juncture. Availing their service can give you the extra safety net of clearing the evaluation test that the EA puts up.

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