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CDR Plagiarism Checking is a mandatory activity that needs to be performed before you submit your CDR to the EA (Engineers Australia), for assessments. Plagiarism of any and every kind is prohibited by the EA and your report will certainly face rejection for this reason. And, it does not stop at that. The EA imposes a 12 months ban towards re-application if they find plagiarism in your report. So why waste a great opportunity towards building a bright future in Australia, when you can submit a winning CDR with the help of professional experts like

You could go through the Migration Skills Assessment booklet shared by the EA to understand the implications against plagiarism. The MSA booklet also shares all updated guidelines and procedures towards CDR writing.

While you might not intend to copy from the online sources, books, notes, and other reference material and include the data as it is in your content, it still happens unintentionally. But with the best in class plagiarism checking software with them, the EA identifies such cases and bans them. Consider so much time and effort wasted at your end. However, at we run through your CDR reports with the same plagiarism checking software to ensure that there is no rejection at the end. Once some percentage of plagiarism is detected, we provide our expertise and help you change the content by rephrasing and including similar examples. This eventually makes the CDRs pass through the EA without any hiccup.

Why No Plagiarism?

Plagiarism limits the uniqueness that you can bring to the report. Mind you, it’s your story, which cannot be defined by the experiences shared by anybody else. Moreover, most of the educational institutes also have strict rules against plagiarism and they expel students for this reason. Similarly, most of the professional institutes also discourage their employees from doing this. All in all, plagiarism is a strict ‘no’ across Australia.

Making your CDR professionally correct and aligned to the EA requirements is mandatory. Taking the correct route to do the same is even more important. The assessors are keenly observing your modes and methods to be correct and unique all along.

Remember, a successful CDR can open many doors towards a bright future in Australia. It is indeed a wonderful opportunity for the Engineers coming from Qatar and shouldn’t be compromised at any cost.

At we will review your report through the tools and through our expertise. With the best domain experts, writers, and proofreaders on our panel, we understand the ins and outs of CDR writing better than anyone else. And, the 99% positive assessments over these years of our inception, speak for us.

While you have access to the free plagiarism checking tools available online, they are still far from checking your CDR against the huge database of CDRs already available with the EA. But we can do that for you. Relieving your candidature of any risks that are involved.

How to Keep Your CDR Plagiarism Free?

While you refer different sources to structure your CDR, avoid using the same words or phrases. Thousands of applicants refer to the same content. Yours might just match them. Isn’t it? So, effectively just refer to understand the alignment of the content, and nothing else.

Remember your CDR must share your personal story. So put in real instances in the Career Episodes that helped to bring out the desired competencies through the actions you performed. This leaves no scope for any copy paste as well. Moreover, your CPD is also about the customised initiatives you take to keep yourself aligned towards the line of working. That should make the report ‘unique’. You can speak about special projects or innovations that you made. Talk about the leadership skills or the project management initiatives you have taken until now

Once you follow the above-mentioned path, your CDR will become ‘unique’ in the true sense. However, we understand that seeking reference through different sources shows the path quickly and easily, so do go in for the CDR Plagiarism removal service later on. Don’t let the hard work and all the efforts go waste. Reach out to us through chat, call, message, or email and we will make your CDR completely plagiarism free.

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