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With so much effort being put in, why do some CDR reports still get rejected? While every one of the applicants is an engineer coming with years of professional expertise, the reports still seem like a tough task for them. These are the times when the ‘best shot’ still falls short. While there could be ample reasons for it, it’s always better to reach out for the best CDR review service in Australia. Doing so will remove all chances of error and a rejection at the hands of the EA (Engineers Australia), the assessing authority for your CDR.

Coming with decades of experience writing and reviewing your CDR reports, our panel of experts at make your report completely professional from all aspects. We align to all the report writing guidelines and regulations set by the EA and published through the MSA (Migration Skills Assessment) booklet. That means there is not even an iota of going out of line with your CDR submissions.

When applicants like you search for CDR Australia review, we understand what you are looking for. You are looking for assurance of success with your CDRs. There are times when applicants reach out to us with half-baked reports and at other times they have actually done a good job with the report. However, when an expert reads and re-reads the report for review there are so many areas of development that can actually change the entire overview of the report.

Coming from Qatar and going through each and every guideline on CDR report writing on the Web or through the Migration Skills Assessment Booklet, you have already done a great job. But the fact of the matter is that sometimes your best is simply not the best. More so, when the assessors get to compare it with hundreds of other reports. So you need to go that extra mile to make it stand out. And, this is what you do through CDR review Australia.

At, we understand the cutthroat competition and the implications of a rejected report. Most of our engineers bring along a first-hand experience with EA assessors and understand what they are looking for. On the contrary, you may just have an overview of what they are looking for through the different information portals.

Every year we offer hundreds of impeccable CDR reports to the applicants who reach out to us for review or assistance. What makes our services holistic in nature is the fact that we empanel experts coming from different engineering domains, the best CDR writers, proof-readers, and editors.

Tips to Write the Best CDR Report

Understand the ‘Why’ of CDR writing. When you do that, half the battle is already won. Then comes the ‘How’. The latter can be taken care of by collating information from different portals and understanding the requirements from the MSA booklet. You can also seek expert help here by reaching out to best CDR writing service providers like

Understand what goes into the three sections of your CDR report. While the Continuing Professional Development asks for the initiatives you take to upskill yourself and stay in touch with recent happenings in your domain, Career Episodes need a detailed insight into different projects and events that allowed you to showcase the desired skills. Through the Summary Statement, you have the opportunity to guide the assessor to the perfect paragraph in your Career Episode that maps up to the specific competency element. Ensure that you chose the best projects and events here.

Your CDR report needs to be completely in line with Australian English. While the British English seems similar, the requirement is for the former. So, you need to review and re-review for any comprehension or grammatical errors.

Your CDR report is a window through your professional journey and also highlights personal achievements. So you must input all professional highlights tactfully and validate them with proofs.

While you may adopt all the processes, EA might still reject the report for reasons like:

  • Lack of clarity in terms of the role that you fulfilled in the past organizations. So you need to define the same tactfully through the Career Episodes while highlighting the competencies you displayed.
  • Your Career Episodes tell your story and nobody else’s, so make them represent your leadership capabilities, your managerial skills, or technical acumen effectively.
  • Use an active voice throughout the Career Episodes, because that adds weight to the story. And, is also the requirement shared by the EA.
  • More focus on the organization or the total team efforts is a ‘no’. They want to know what you as an individual and a professional offered to the project and what competencies you displayed.
  • The need is to highlight three exclusive, yet impactful, events across the three Career Episodes
  • You might have used the instances that align better with a different occupational role than applied for
  • You might have used excessive technical details and graphical representations

Why Go For a CDR Review?

For all the reasons that we have mentioned above, you need to choose an expert team to review the report you have worked upon. Taking timely advice and help on your CDR report to improve its readiness manifolds. Expertise is something that comes with time and we have that in our stride. Moreover, we have the largest database of approved CDR reports, written and reviewed by our team, to help you assess what goes into CDR writing and approval.

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