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If Qatar has seen the beginning of your professional journey, it’s time to spread your wings now. For engineers looking towards a great career in Australia, a successful application for Skilled Migration Visa comes from a positive CDR(Competency demonstration Report) assessment. However, a half-baked take on your CDR can prove more detrimental than beneficial. Taking expert assistance for CDR Report Editing will certainly help you receive a positive assessment.

At, our team of CDR experts and editors review the reports that you have worked upon, before the actual submission to the EA (Engineers Australia). And, with the kind and extent of experience the team brings about, they align everything in the report, in the desired manner.

The Need for CDR Editing

Everyone knows that every year the EA assessors are looking at thousands of applications towards Skilled Migration Visa. However, not everyone gets through. Ever wondered why? Because the assessors have established quality benchmarks when it comes to CDR assessments. And, you need to be at par to sail through without a hiccup. understands those benchmarks well and the 99% positive assessments that we have received until now, are a proof in the same direction. We believe a lost chance that causes a 12 months ban, isn’t worth at all. It’s better to give the CDR your best shot at the first go. And, so we bring the desired skills and knowledge on the table to edit the drafts you offer us. Bringing them in line with the EA guidelines as published in the Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) booklet.

The MSA booklet acts as a repository for all procedures and guidelines for CDR writing. It gives all the details about the competencies pertaining to each occupational role and defines the competency elements subsequently. So, the MSA could really be your go-to guide when it comes to working on your CDR. Another important aspect that the MSA covers is the structure you should adopt and the language you need to follow.

While you have all the information available, you can still go haywire with a lot of other things, so a thorough run through the CDR Editor could be the best decision you take.

Tips for Effective CDR Editing

While you have lost days and nights working on this report, now when it’s done with, do not start proofreading it immediately. Give your mind the space it needs to assess something with the freshness it deserves. This will also help in a bias-free judgement. You can read through the sections aloud or ask a friend to do that for you. Put yourself in the assessor’s chair to map it with the requirements shared in the MSA. Take note of any concerns and make edits right there.

If you can ask for expert assistance here, do not hesitate to do that. Reach out to professional CDR editing services. Remember that the report is certainly worth this. If you are lucky enough, the EA might give you another chance to edit a few sections of the report and make a re-submission. Here, it is imperative to seek expert assistance.

  • Proofreading your report will provide an insight into the content from different perspectives: language, flow, structure, presentation, etc. Never give this a miss. You can never go overboard here.
  • Ensure that the report brings out the technical capabilities, leadership skills, the spirit of social wellbeing, innovation, and more.
  • The Continuing Professional Development is a section which showcases the initiatives you have taken to keep yourself informed and updated in your domain. This will help carve a picture that you could be a valuable resource for sure. So chose the initiatives wisely.
  • Through the Summary Statement, you need to perform a perfect mapping of your story to the competency elements desired. So, mark the paragraphs correctly, as you work on your Career Episode.

Now when you know what your CDR demand from you, you can reach out for expert help to make it full proof and 100% unique at the same go.

  • Expert editors at check your report for any comprehension issues: language, grammar, structure etc. to the tune of correcting the punctuations, putting in apostrophes and hyphens to name a few
  • Your CDR should talk about you and nobody else. So our editors will ensure that you have used an active form of writing and stressed on the individual initiatives you took to complete a project. Without overburdening the content by speaking about the organization or team effort in general
  • Your CDR must be easy to comprehend and not be too technical in its outlay. You would not want to get your report rejected, for this reason, right? Excess of numerical or graphical representations is worthless and heavy to comprehend. So, our editors will try to find the perfect balance here.
  • Our team will also ensure that the report creates a lasting impression on the assessor by streaming the concluding statements and aligning the fonts and format better.
  • We will also focus on the tone that you use. If it impresses the editors, it will surely have the same impact on the assessors. Else we will take charge and make edits, keeping you in the loop. We all have the same aim, right?
  • Your report should represent the confidence that you have in your technical, managerial, and leadership abilities. And, shouldn’t come across as a fictional story. Rest assured, we will make it work just right by aligning the language better and guiding you to share professional details that can work to your advantage.

Reach out to us, if you want to get your report edited by the best CDR Editors. We have helped thousands of applicants clear the assessment successfully and our records bear the proof. We can also help you with free samples to take a call. Call, message, and email us for more details.

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