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Plagiarism in your CDR submission is never tolerated by the Engineers Australia (EA) assessors. The topic sees a strong and clear mention in the MSA booklet, which is the guide to your CDR writing. It clearly defines picking up information or data as is from different sources like different online platforms, books, journals, etc. as plagiarism. It is for your benefit to understand that EA assessors have their hands at the best CDR Plagiarism Checking software and tools. They have all the power to reject your application for another one year if one or many parts of the CDR are found to be copied. This is an absolute waste of time and effort at your end. At CDRReport we offer you impeccable CDR reports and also help you make your CDR report plagiarism free, per your requirement. Being a professional organization working on CDR reports that see positive assessment in 99% cases, we have access to the most high end and sophisticated plagiarism checking tools.

Plagiarism generally happens at will, however, even if it is accidental, the repercussions stand to be the same. In Australia, you see strict laws against the act. Various educational institutes even expel students and professional organizations do the same with applicants/employees. You can easily avoid being amongst them by choosing to take the correct route. Success with your CDR opens so many closed doors and a wonderful opportunity to work in Australia.

While you have all the free tools available to check plagiarism, they have their limitations by way of matching the content with whatever is available online. However, when it comes to CDR reports, EA will certainly map yours to the ones already assessed and available in its database. This is something free online tools are unable to do. Posing a great risk for your candidature.

However, as mentioned before, at CDRReport we use advanced tools and techniques to assess your report from all avenues. Should there be a plagiarism detection, we also offer expertise to paraphrase and depict the same content in a new manner, which resolves the issue comfortably. Removing the threat of rejection from EA, specifically for this reason permanently.

How Does Plagiarism Happen in a CDR?

  1. While you are intentionally avoiding copying from different sources, you still think taking references and re-writing in your words, might resolve it completely. However, that happens rarely. There are hundreds of people referring to the same source and EA might already have their reports in its database. Your words might just match theirs. Isn’t it?
  2. You thought taking reference for the CPD, the Summary Statement, and even instances that you quote in your Career Episode, will not land you in trouble. But they surely can, if not presented in your own words and aligned to the competencies you need to highlight. The assessors will make out the copy paste easily.
  3. Your CDR, especially the Career Episodes represent your personal journey through the years of education and professions that you chose. So, it should come right as that and not a copied content which clearly seems off track with your background. EA has the techniques to map such highlighting disparities with its own CDR database.

So, make a wise decision and seek expert assistance with CDR plagiarism removal from CDRReport. We ensure you a 100% unique CDR Report, once you rely on us with that.

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