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CDR Review Service is a boon to the applicants looking forward to a positive assessment with their CDR submissions at the very first go. While you may consider that you have given your best shot at CDR writing, inculcating all required aspects and abiding by all guidelines shared in the MSA (Migration Skills Assessment) booklet. However, it’s quite possible that the EA (Engineers Australia) assessors still reject the same or ask you to re-submit it for a lower category.

Yes, this harsh reality that comes as a rude shock to many Indian engineers striving for the Migration Visa to Australia. While you have done a thorough check, took all possible precautions, and aligned with all guidelines, it can all still happen to you. And, why? Because however hard you try, you need to be conversant with the fact that there are hundreds of other engineering applicants from India, vying for the same positions. They offer a comparison surely. Moreover, you have a minimalistic understanding of what the assessors’ desire or consider as the most significant scoring parameters.

At CDRReport, our team of professional CDR writers and engineers provide impeccable CDR review services at the most affordable charges. We understand the significance of receiving a ‘go ahead’ for your Australian skilled migration visa and assist you every step of the way. You just need to reach out at the right time.

Our CDR Experts Share the Best Tips for CDR Writing

  1. Understand the reasons for working upon and submitting a CDR. CDR (Competency Development Report). You can do the same by researching in depth through various portals, but especially through the MSA (Migration Skills Assessment) Booklet. Read through the essentials of the role that you apply for and the required competencies in details.
  2. Think well and collate the best projects you have worked upon throughout your professional journey. Identify events that successfully allowed the scope to demonstrate the desired competencies. Use the best three in your Career Episodes.
  3. There are instances wherein applicants are absolutely unaware of basic requirements like the usage of correct language. EA assessors are looking for absolute perfection with the usage of Australian English in your report. It might certainly be a challenge if you are not well versed with the language or aren’t aware of the basic differentiators between Australian English or British English.
  4. When you reach out for CDR review Service, remember to share minuscule details about your professional journey, past accomplishments, certifications, research, innovation etc. All of these hold great relevance to validate the desired competencies.
  5. The above-mentioned information also plays a crucial role in aligning your CPD or Continuing Professional Development. This short one-pager report highlights the milestones in making yourself more aligned to the constant changes in your engineering domain. This provides the assessors with an insight into the zeal that you display to stay in line with constant changes.
  6. Through the last section of your CDR ‘The Summary Statement,’ you are actually connecting the dots. The events that you represented in your Career Episodes need to perfectly map with the desired competency indicators here. So, mark the paragraphs well, as you go about writing your Career Episodes.

While you are at it, you need to be aware of the basic reasons that the EA might reject your CDR:

  1. Lack of clarity with your role representation in the Career Episodes. If you use confusing language or share an unclear path, the assessors can reject the report
  2. Career Episodes are ‘episodes’ or detailed ‘insights’ on special events that brought out the best of your technical, managerial, and personal capabilities. You need to use the most impactful way of representation. And, if you haven’t used the active way of writing, your report will get rejected. So, make use of statements like ‘I planned’, ‘I led the team’, ‘I designed the blueprint’ etc.
  3. Your claims should get validated by the proofs you share. And, if that doesn’t happen, your report will be rejected.
  4. You somehow couldn’t share the modes and methods towards problem resolution or the techniques you used for project completion.
  5. You focused more on the organization or the team roles and not the role that you played
  6. Your tasks seem more aligned to a different role, but not the one you applied for
  7. You used the same event across the three Career Episodes
  8. You have made an excessive use of graphical representations, calculations, tables etc.

Why Go For a CDR Review

For all the above reasons, go for a CDR review! This golden chance of making your dreams come true shouldn’t go to waste. The wait costs another 12 months of re-application. So, while you are making all attempts to work on the perfect draft for that CDR report of yours, you might still be ignorant of various precision requirements. And, that can make all the difference. We offer you CDR writing or CDR review services per your requirements. Our team of experts is always available to guide you through this important juncture with the vast experience they bring to table. You can reach out to us at any ti

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