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CDR is the inseparable part of the Australian migration application. The originality of the report is one of the most vital aspects of the CDR report. Plagiarized content in CDR not just show lack of skills but shows lack of moral values. Writing everything in your own words is necessary for the submission of a successful CDR report. CDR plagiarism checking and CDR plagiarism removal are specifically mentioned in the recently published booklet of Migration skills Assessment by EA. Most of the engineers try to write their own CDR by referring available samples and formats on Google. These samples and formats definitely help engineers to showcase their skills and abilities nicely but not flawlessly. The biggest flaw lies not in the format but in the content. Engineers who use these formats end up with CDR full of plagiarism. Engineers Australia is known for direct rejection if any plagiarism is found in the report. They have zero tolerance for plagiarism. Hence, engineers are always advised to seek help from experts. Here at, we help you to create a perfect CDR.

Why is CDR plagiarism checking and removal required?

Like the internet, the EA has one of the biggest databases where millions of words are already stored. What is there in your CDR, it can be a part of any document present in the existing reports of the EA database. The concept of plagiarism deals with the repeated/copied content. Even if a single sentence is matched with any of the files, it is considered as plagiarism. This is why CDR plagiarism checking and CDR plagiarism removal services are essential.

What is CDR plagiarism checking?

CDR Plagiarism checking is a very simple process and can be done within a few minutes with the help of paid tools. There are several tools and service providers who compare your content with existing content and give plagiarism report. Most of these reports indicate plagiarism percentage and no other details are given. We provide you a detailed report of your report. Our report gives you a sentence to sentence comparison report. We identify the plagiarized phrases, words in your CDR, highlight them and also suggest alternative ways to check plagiarism.

What is CDR plagiarism removal?

Engineers are recommended to write CDR in their own words to avoid plagiarism. Even after writing in our own words, CDR may have plagiarized content. Plagiarism can be intentional or it can be accidental. In any case, if your CDR has plagiarism then it will get rejected for sure. This makes CDR plagiarism removal really important. No engineer can afford rejection of CDR because of plagiarism and this is why CDR plagiarism removal is of prime importance. Plagiarism removal tools are available in the market but these tools just rephrase the content with synonyms. This process surely removes plagiarism but destroys the quality and flow of the content. CDR plagiarism removal is not about replacing words with synonyms. Plagiarism removal is a process of removing plagiarized content completely and rewriting the part in original words without affecting the flow of the report. One may feel that this process is very easy and can be done without hiring paid services.

Why should you use paid plagiarism checking and removal services?

  • The tools available in the market are of two types, free tools, and paid tools.
  • Free tools provide limited resources and their results not completely reliable.
  • Paid tools are reliable and provide 100% accurate reports.
  • It is not economical to buy a subscription of the paid tool for just one CDR.
  • We not just provide CDR plagiarism checking and removal services but also provide all in all CDR writing package.
  • Tools run on the basic sets of algorithm set while developing the tool.
  • Tools cannot provide customized results but a human can.
  • That is why you should hire human assistance and pay a reasonable amount for their services.

What makes us better than others?

  • is a large unit of 1000+ experts.
  • Our teams consist of expert writers, professional editors, special technical experts who hold an excellent command on Australian language, proofreaders, and technical specialists.
  • Our experts are completely aware of the CDR guidelines and have updated knowledge about the EA CDR Rules.
  • Domain-specific teams are there to cover all the engineering branches present on this globe.
  • Our tech team has developed an advanced CDR plagiarism checking tool which churns out all the existing internet data and makes your report 100% original.
  • Our CDR reports have maintained a 0% rejection rate.
  • We provide several packages and you can subscribe to a complete package where we start from scratch.
  • We help you right from the first word of your CDR to the successful submission of your CDR.
  • Specific packages include CDR plagiarism checking, CDR plagiarism removal, and CDR samples of your engineering branch for your chosen occupational category.
  • We provide 24/7 assistance for 365 days so that you can get in touch with us anytime via email, chat option available on our webpage.

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