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What is the CDR Report?

The engineers, planning to immigrate to Australia, need to submit Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) document to the Engineers Australia, the assessing body for the Migration Skill Assessment (MSA) for Australia. The CDR is the amalgamation of the comprehensive information of your engineering career. It is the compilation of several detailed papers including, Continuing Professional Documents (CPD) list, Curriculum Vitae (CV), three Career Episodes, and Summary Statement. The objective of a CDR is to help the EA to examine the proficiency of an individual, who has a technical engineering degree which is not covered under the Washington Accord. The CDR report will showcase your engineering skills, expertise, and knowledge in the field of engineering in the eyes of the assessor, thereby making it the decisive document for the approval of your Skill Immigration to Australia.

What is a CDR Review Service?

In a CDR Review for Australia Service, expert technical writers and engineering professionals provide a complete evaluation of your CDR in every possible aspect. They help you to transform your report into a professional one creating a result-oriented content.

Why should you consider a CDR Australia Review Service?

There might be circumstances when you have written your CDR but you are not satisfied with it. The technical details are correctly inputted but you are unable to organize it in the proper manner. You can understand that your CDR lacks finesse and flair.

Once you submit your CDR to the EA, the assessors might decline it or direct you to revise and re-submit it. Based on some criteria that you are not even aware of, they might also evaluate you for a lower category than that you have been planning for. Most of the candidates aim for Visa 189 for Professional Engineers. Many of them, though having a four-year Bachelor degree in Engineering, got chosen as Engineering Associate or Engineering Technologist as the evaluator found mistakes in their CDR reports. Getting assessed for a different category implies that you might not get into the SOL or you might not get a call for the interview. Also, you might not meet the eligibility criteria for some jobs you are qualified for otherwise, even if you get shifted to Australia.

Hence, your CDR report is the only key to have a great engineering career and a potential future in Australia. You deserve the chance to submit the best CDR report to the EA. Consequently, it is important that you get your CDR Report reviewed from the highly qualified top-notch experts to avoid any possible errors to ace in the MSA.

What are the reasons for the rejection of a CDR?

There may be multiple reasons of the CDR Report getting rejected which are stated below:

  • If you failed to highlight the professional duties of your own within the teamwork or group activity and instead you just simply mentioned the team activities as a whole. The EA assessors will face difficulty to assess your competencies if you do not mention your responsibilities.
  • If you wrote your Career Episodes in bullet points format instead of writing in the paragraphs.
  • If you did not mention the procedures and techniques which you used for solving complex problems, tools and techniques you used in the projects, how you used the engineering design processes and experience to manage the projects and also the steps you took for environmental and personal safety.
  • If you failed to mention the details of the company’s profile and the nature, objectives, and duration of the company projects you worked on.
  • If you described the same project report throughout multiple Career Episodes leading to confusion.
  • If you provided too many technical details like excessive calculations, figures, charts, and photos, destroying the balance of generic-technical nature of your CDR.
  • If you included any copied material in your project, especially academic and technical details.
  • According to The EA, you can present your career episodes in languages other than English, if your CDR contains the translations. However, you are advised to use Australian English only while writing the career episodes as an improperly formatted CDR report may also create a negative impression on the evaluators.

Why should you choose our CDR Review Service?

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