What Is ACS RPL Assessment For Australia Immigration?

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RPL Assessment for Australia Immigration

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is nothing but the assessment of skills of the candidates who are willing to migrate to Australia. The candidates from other countries should have necessary skills and knowledge before they can migrate to Australia. Australian Computer Society (ACS) is an association that assesses the candidates based on their skills and knowledge. It is for the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) professionals and has around 22,000 members all over Australia. The professionals from other countries, with no ICT qualifications or insufficient ICT, have to showcase their skills and knowledge to the ACS for Australia Skilled Migration. This is the reason the candidates without any ICT qualifications are required to submit RPL report form for skill assessment.

The ACS RPL assessment allows the candidates to show the skills they have and from where the skills have been acquired. This makes them eligible for Australia Immigration on the basis of RPL ACS skill assessment. For Australia Skilled Migration, the candidates have to prove that they have necessary skills in the field of ICT that are similar to those acquired in Australia. Because of RPL assessment, the candidates, without ICT or insufficient ICT or without any tertiary qualifications, get the chance to show that they have skills and knowledge in ICT field for migrating to Australia. In the RPL form, they can include a maximum number of areas in which they have acquired skills so that they can be assessed accordingly.

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ACS RPL assessment Categories

The candidates migrating to Australia can apply in any of the two categories for the RPL Skills assessment. They are mentioned below.

  1. The applicants who have a degree but did not have anything related to ICT in their course should have a professional experience of six years in the field of ICT. The field in which the candidates have worked should be relevant to the ANZSCO code of discipline
  2. The applicants without any tertiary qualifications should have an additional two years of experience in the field of ICT. So, totally that makes eight years of experience. But the additional two years of experience need not be in the field relevant to ANZSCO code.

ACS RPL Skills Assessment requirements

While submitting the ACS project report form, the candidates have to submit two project reports. In one of the reports, the project undertaken in the last five years should be mentioned and in another, the project undertaken in the last three years. ACS follows certain parameters for the RPL assessment process that are mentioned below.

  • The techniques used to manage files and database and file design
  • The contribution of the candidates to design and implementation of the projects and processes
  • The techniques used during project management and assurance of the quality
  • The network topologies including size the security facilities that the candidate has installed
  • Various procedures followed during design and the programming languages used
  • The methodologies that the candidates used in analysis of system and design
  • The details about the nature of responsibilities in an organisation
  • The managerial activities of the candidates in the field of ICT

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