What Is National Engineer Register?

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What is National Engineer Register?

National Engineer Register (NER) is for the engineers in Australia who want to exhibit their experience, talents and skills to the engineering industry and their prospective employers. It is a platform created by the Engineers Australia through which the professionals get a chance to showcase their competencies. Hence providing them with an opportunity to grow and enhance their careers. So, if you are looking forward to being a part of this National Directory of Engineers, this article will provide you with complete information of the eligibility requirements, benefits, areas of practice and other important things related to the National Engineering Register Australia.

Why should you register to the National Engineering Register (NER) Australia?

The National engineering register is considered as a benchmark of excellence and professionalism throughout Australia. Once you get yourself registered in this directory you will get a place in the searchable database that can be accessed by the public. This means that you will be identified as a professional engineer who holds the academic qualifications, professional experience and competencies that are expected from you by the engineering industries.

The National engineering register is unlike any government-based directory with restricted areas of practice. It is of extensive usage for employers who can consider the information of this register while making a selection of qualified engineers for their organization. It is a method to earn status and recognition in the engineering community of talented and capable engineers.

The Eligibility Criteria for NER Engineers Australia

The Engineers Australia provides specific eligibility criteria to the engineers so that they can register them to the NER. Here is a list of requirements:

  1. The applicants should have a relevant qualification
  2. The applicants should have a relevant professional experience
  3. The applicants should commit themselves to ethical behaviour
  4. The applicants should maintain a CPD
  5. The applicants should have the benefit of PI insurance
Engineers who are –Eligibility Criteria

Chartered members of EA

● Should have PI insurance and the ability to maintain it

Members of EA

● Should hold a 5-year work experience in the past 7 year’s time in their areas of practice

● Should hold a satisfactory work experience

● Can provide CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Statement

● The benefit of PI Insurance and the ability to maintain it

Non-members of EA

● Should hold a 5-year work experience in the past 7 years of time in their areas of practice

● They have to complete the qualification assessment first

● They must hold a satisfactory work experience

● Can provide a CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Statement

● PI insurance and the ability to maintain it

The engineers who are already a member of the Engineers Australia can simply complete their registration by logging in the portal with their EA ID. The engineers who are not a part of Engineers Australia are required to make the payments and complete a separate registration process.

NER Areas of Practice

The Areas of Practice of an applicant signify the engineering profession with which the skills and work of the applicant are aligned. The areas of practice mainly depend upon formal and informal education and work experience of the applicant. There are 9 general areas of practice that are available for all the registrants. However, there are 15 special areas of practice that are applicable only for Chartered members of Engineers Australia. The engineers Australia provides the descriptions of all the areas of practice for the reference of the applicants.

The Application Process for NER Register

Step 1    Providing Work Experience Statement

The work experience assessment is done to ensure that the technical competencies of the applicant are in accordance with the areas of practice mentioned by them. Candidates can refer a self-assessment checklist provided by the engineers Australia which describes what roles, responsibilities and skills the applicants have achieved in their career.

Step 2    Uploading the Continuing Professional Development statement (CPD)

When you will apply for NER Australia you have to demonstrate the continuing professional development (CPD) completed in the past 3 years time. Applicants should show that they have completed 150 hours CPD in this time period however the minimum hours required is 50 hours in the last 12 months before applying for a National engineering register. It is also a compulsion for the registrants to practice a review of CPD every 5 years.

Step 3    Nomination of professional referees

The applicants have to choose to professional referees that can confirm all their work experience details and evidence that they have mentioned in their work experience statement. One of the professional referees can be the current employer of the applicant. If the applicant is working with them for more than 5 years then the second referee can also be the current employer. Otherwise, it has to be someone from their previous employer. One cannot choose a friend to be their referee.

Step 4    Self-assessment of PI Insurance

While applying for National Engineering Register the applicants have to satisfy the requirements of the PI insurance benefit and the fact that they can maintain it. The applicants can check with their employer for the PI insurance availability.

Step 5    Personal interview

The professional referees are contacted by engineers Australia via phone for discussion. The applicants are also interviewed via video conferencing, Skype or are called for face-to-face interviews by the Engineers Australia.

The applicants who are not a member of the engineers Australia and want to register for National Engineering Register also required undergoing the stage 1 competency assessment. The qualifications, transcripts, CV and career episodes are assessed in this phase by the engineers Australia against the Australian standards

The initial assessment time of the application is about 3 to 4 weeks. However, the total time it may take for the completion of the application can vary from applicant to apply depending upon the information required to be submitted by them.

Costs Involved for NER Engineers Australia

Information of the Engineering Professionals on the NER

The National Engineering Register displays the details of the registrants such as their full name, areas of practice, occupational category, email address and state or territory of residence in Australia.

Cancellation of the Registration

Registrants may cancel the registration from the National Engineering Register any time they want. However, the Engineers Australia also holds a right to cancel anyone’s registration if their activities are found unethical, if they fail to submit the annual charges or registration fee or if they fail to fulfil the necessary requirements of National Engineering Register such as mandatory PI insurance.

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