What Is KA02 Report For New Zealand Immigration?

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What is KA02 Report for New Zealand Immigration?

Knowledge Assessment (KA02) is a technical report for assessment of the candidates who want to migrate to New Zealand. The applicants should have required skills and knowledge in ICT before they can be eligible to migrate to New Zealand. The Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand (IPENZ) is responsible for assessing the candidates on basis of their skills. The candidates have to submit a report to IPENZ with all the details and work experience in the field of ICT. IPENZ is a professional body for the engineers in New Zealand. The members of the organisation are either engineers or people who are related to the engineering field in New Zealand. KA02 report is submitted by those candidates, who are either from non- ICT field or those who have insufficient ICT.

The candidates who are going to migrate to New Zealand should be assessed to check whether they have necessary skills and knowledge in the field of ICT. It is a chance for those candidates who are not ICT or have insufficient ICT or without any tertiary ICT qualification but have several years of experience in ICT field. The applicants can showcase their skills and knowledge in the field of ICT in the IPENZ KA02 report for New Zealand skilled immigration. It is also important for those candidates who have a degree in the ICT field but not equivalent to a diploma and degree in universities of New Zealand. However, they have professional work experience in the field of ICT. These candidates can apply for New Zealand immigration assessment by submitting KA02 report to IPENZ.

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The Knowledge Assessment (KA02) report has a lot of significance in the skill assessment of the candidates. Some of the candidates are very experienced in the ICT field and thus prepare their own KA02 report and submit to the IPENZ for skills assessment. But there are certain guidelines of IPENZ that have to be followed while writing the reports and hence the candidates have to depend on some KA02 samples. We also provide samples to the candidates for reference that can help them make their own KA02 report. It is a good idea to prepare their own report by referring those samples as these sample reports are written by our fellow writers and are approved by IPENZ.


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IPENZ Knowledge Assessment Report Types

For New Zealand skilled migration, the applicants can submit any of the two reports mentioned below according to their work experience and skills

  • The applicants have to submit KA01 report to IPENZ for skills assessment if the country from which the candidates have graduated is accredited to Washington Accord and also if the university of graduation follows the guidelines of any of the New Zealand university
  • The applicants have to submit KA02 report to IPENZ for skills assessment if the University of Graduation is not affiliated with Washington Accord or any other New Zealand university

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