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A lot of technocrats residing in the U.S.A and other parts of the world often seek good opportunities in Australia. CDR is an integral part of realizing that dream as Engineers Australia (EA) filters all eligible candidates as per this report. CDR Summary statement actively talks about the competencies one holds that is suited to the requirements laid down by EA.

Summary statement writing service is a valuable tool that is utilized especially by off-shore engineering candidates. There is a proper tabular format that needs to be followed while writing this statement. The format has been prescribed by the EA itself and should contain an exact number of indicators, units and elements mentioned alluded by you along with valid text reference from your Career Episodes. Everything has to be precise so that the EA assessor can easily find the correct paragraph pertinent to a certain element.

A professional engineer summary statement has to be very precise and often candidates fumble while preparing it. CDR Summary statement is a major criterion that needs to be fulfilled in order for you to migrate from U.S.A to Australia. Your professional journey cannot embark without this condition being fulfilled. Hence, you cannot think of taking any risks with your CDR Report whatsoever.

Key elements of a good CDR Summary Statement

One key element of a good CDR Summary Statement is that it does not talk of every single indicator that is given in the competency element. Even though your Career Episode has to be in reference to the EA indicators, units and elements, it does not have to essentially cover everything. A skillfully written Summary Statement only talks about the indicators that were part of the three Career Episodes that were written by you.

The important indicators that it must reflect are:

  • Engineering knowledge and skills that you possess
  • How you have put your engineering skill set to use
  • Your professional and personal characteristics

It is always a good idea to cover the maximum number of indicators in each of the career episodes and then subsequently talk about them in your Summary Statement. Our professional CDR writers make sure that certain important indicators that talk of ‘Knowledge and Skills Base’, ‘Professional and Personal Attributes’ and ‘Engineering Application Ability’ are given adequate importance in terms of numbers in each Career Episode. The CDR Summary Statement prepared by them also mentions the paragraphs that refer to these indicators.

One specific matter that our Summary Statement writing service pays special emphasis on is that the assessor is always directed to the correct paragraph in the Career Episode, which is part of your CDR. Making any mistake here would leave a bad impression and will automatically lead to the rejection of the CDR Report. Hence, this is again something that needs special focus while writing a good CDR.

Tips for CDR Summary Statement by our expert

  1. Knowledge and skill-set: The initial section that talks about the knowledge and skills you possess do not require thorough details. It only needs to ascertain that you hold all the valid sills and can use them for any given project. Make sure to cover at least two indicators and two examples from Career Episodes here.
  2. Engineering application ability: This section plays a significant role in your assessment for Australian Skilled Migration. It has to be able to display all your capabilities in front of the EA. Make sure to cover minimum three indicators here with necessary reference paragraphs. Talk in detail about your engineering work in reference to each element that the EA booklet mentions.
  3. Professional and personal attributes: There are certain personality traits that EA desires in engineers migrating to Australia. Some common requirements are good communication skills, the ability to use information, professional demeanour and ethics. You can talk about your personal attributes that can positively add to your work profile by mentioning what all you have done for your staff and colleagues. Any risk management or a positive step towards environmental cause can also be covered here.

Why seek professional help for writing Summary Statement

The importance of a good CDR is an established fact and can deeply impact your engineering career. CDR summary statement writing has to be done in a very skillful and effective manner as based on this the assessor will decide whether you hold the necessary skills to work in Australia. Our expert panel has previously been through the same test and is well aware of the EA guidelines and how to fulfill them.

The CDR writers hold a long experience in this field. They have successfully helped many engineers start a flourishing career in Australia through their excellent report writing skills. Summary Statement engineers Australia is a crucial step that has to be accomplished and our writers help you do just that. They have worked upon several Summary Statements and they bring a personalized approach to each one of them. Our expert team of CDR report writers helps you to highlight the required skill set based on your chosen occupation category. This is done by drawing adequate examples of each indicator that the EA mentions.

All our CDR writers hail from major Australian cities and are well versed with Australian English which is a pre-requisite of CDR. You can get in touch with them to talk about the project, ascertain their qualifications, and also to take them through your career graph. You can be sure that you are in very safe hands and can expect the best result from making use of our Summary Statement writing service.

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