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Engineers residing in U.S.A or other part of the world who are keen on migrating to Australia have to fulfill some necessary criteria. Australian Computer Society (ACS) expects that each applicant applying for the same should hold necessary skills required for migration. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) serves as a useful medium for assessment of skills of all those candidates who do not hold relevant ICT qualification. The same applies for those candidates who lack any tertiary ICT qualifications as well. This is one way through which ACS can evaluate applicants who do not have ICT or whose ICT qualification is not sufficient enough. All ICT professionals from U.S.A and other parts of the world are required to present necessary qualifications and relevant work experience to the ACS. This is a mandatory procedure in order to obtain Australian Skills Migration. On that account, applicants who do not hold any tertiary ICT qualification are required to make use of an ACS RPL Report Form.

This is one opportunity provided by ASC to all applicants who do not hold ICT qualification to display their skills. RPL report writing services provided by us assure that you present a quality report which gets a positive review from ACS. The “Key Areas of Knowledge” section of an RPL report is a platform where you can talk about all those areas in which you acquired knowledge. This section was specifically created for those who hold no ICT qualification similar to a degree offered by Australian Universities, but have ample amount of experience working in the field of ICT. RPL assessment process is a golden opportunity for such applicants to prove themselves through ICT Skills Assessment.

Now as an engineer looking to settle in Australia, you surely can’t be careless with such a favorable option. An RPL report should have no room for errors and must display all your necessary skills that make you eligible as an ICT degree holder. RPL report writing services Australia makes sure that you successfully clear the ACS assessment. We provide RPL report for engineers belonging to a plethora of fields, be it Computer, Mechanical or Chemical.

Categories for RPL Assessment Application

A candidate can be eligible for RPL ACS assessment in the following two categories.

  1. The first category refers to applicant who has relevant degree but nothing substantial that pertains to ITC. Such an applicant must have an experience of six years as a professional ICT employee working in an established organization. Also. their work field should be relevant with the selected category under ANZSCO Code.
  2. Any applicant lacking the required tertiary qualifications are required to hold two additional years experience as a skilled ICT employee. This makes it an experience spanning to a total of eight years though the extra two does not have to match ANZSCO code standards.

Requirements RPL for ACS Project Report Form

Candidates need to present two different project reports for RPL assessment. This has to be done using the ACS Project Report Form. One of the reports should contain project managed by the applicant in the past three years and the other should contain a project handled in the past five years. Apart from that, there are certain parameters for RPL for ACS that have to be given due importance for ACS Skill Assessment. These parameters are listed below:

  1. The network topology including its size and lodged safe facilities
    All the techniques brought into use for the purpose of quality assurance and also for project management.
  2. Methodologies employed in system analysis and design.
  3. Different types of techniques used in Database and file design and management.
    Programming languages brought into use along with the different procedures that were brought into use for for design paradigms.
  4. The application of internet application design and the kind of security measures taken.
  5. All the managerial undertakings in ICT that provides a detailed overview of all the responsibilities handled.

Why make use of RPL Report Writing Service?

Many engineers working in different parts of the world including the U.S.A are pulled to employment opportunities in Australia. For those who hold no ICT qualification a good RPL Report can make all the difference. We have a team of experts who are well versed with RPL assessment processes and requirements. They have the knowledge as well as the latest technology to provide candidates with quality RPL Report. Each of our writers is highly qualified and holds a vast amount of experience. We have specifically assigned professional writers for each domain so they can understand the requirements of the candidate.

RPL report writing services takes a personalized approach and thoroughly guides each candidate for ICT Skill Assessment. There are certain guidelines that Australian Computer Society (ACS) is particular about while submission of the report. Our work meets all those criteria and special care is taken to ensure that your RPL report is devoid of plagiarism. Not only is the report written in the required format but it is proofread and errors are detected using special plagiarism detection software. Professionals who work on your report leave no stones unturned to assure it meets all the quality parameters.

We provide RPL report writing services to all the fields of engineering including Chemical, Computer and Electronics. Our previous reports have received approval ratings from ACS, EA and IPENZ. They have helped a lot of engineering candidates to successfully live their dream of working in Australia. Timely assistance is provided to anyone seeking our help and we guarantee that our RPL report will always reach you before deadline.

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