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CDR Report writing serves as a medium using which engineers residing in U.S, who are keen on acquiring Skilled Migration visa for Australia can demonstrate their competencies. The Engineers Australia (EA) evaluates the skilled immigration application and has framed guidelines on how one should prepare for their CDR. For engineers living in U.S.A, it is crucial to clear Competency Demonstration Report in order to get to get approved by Engineers Australia.

Generally, the process that EA makes one go through involves sitting for a CDR writing test. Many engineers make use of CDR writing service because this is a crucial factor that can determine their entire career. The communication skills of an aspirant are assessed on this basis and many applicants residing in U.S.A and other parts of the world often face hurdles with Australian English. In case you fare poorly on this CDR writing, then your chances of settling in Australia become really slim. CDR Writing Services for Engineers Australia help candidates to prepare properly for CDR in order to score well on their evaluation test and easily get Australian visa. CDR Writing services provide CDR Report by professional writers that have already helped countless engineers in achieving their dream by writing successful CDR that is suited to individual career roles and accomplishments.

Why make use of CDR writing service?

CDR is important if you are interested in migrating from U.S.A or any other part of the world to Australia in order to pursue your career as an engineer. Rather it is the primary and the most crucial part of the Australian Skilled Migration application. This means that you cannot afford to be careless with it. A report that is not well written or severely lacks important information can hamper your chances of getting a migration visa. Our team of experts is well versed with the format and the procedure of clearing EA. They can easily help you prepare a CDR that throws light on your career growth and achievements.

Our panel of experts have years of experience in best CDR writing. They hold relevant degrees and have in-depth knowledge on the matter at hand. All our CDR Report writers are from major Australian cities and have previously helped many engineers realize their dream of settling in Australia.

Important tips from our panel of experts

Some useful tips from our experts that can help you write a good CDR Report which matches the criteria laid by EA.

  • Prior to writing your CDR report, it is essential to understand the purpose of the report and also what the EA guidelines say. Our panel of experts being well-aware with these guidelines can create reports that sit perfectly well with them. One has to keep in mind the three important elements of CDR report which are Continuous Professional Development (CPD) list, three Career Episodes, and the Summary Statement. Each of them plays a crucial role in your report. Since our CDR Report writers have a clear understanding of why you are writing them, they can easily give shape to each section.
  • Australian English shares a lot of similarity with British English. You have to be particular about your usage of words, spellings, and writing style and also make sure that the draft framed by you sits well with Australian standards. CDR Writing Services Australia consists of editors and proofreaders who are skilled at discerning any errors or irregularity in your English and do corrections wherever required. It would be really useful to have them check your CDR draft.
  • Engineers Australia (EA) has published a booklet which is called the Migration Skills Assessment which contains all the necessary CDR guidelines. Since EA is the decision making organization that is in control of hiring migrant engineers, it is very useful to go through the document prepared by them in order to write CDR.
  • One of our best CDR Writing Australia experts, says, “Selecting topics for your Career Episodes is half the battle. Thoroughly analyze the expertise that EA looks for in candidates applying for the occupation category of your choice (Professional Engineer, Engineering Technologist, Engineering Associate, or Engineering Manager) and select events from your personal life that display all those abilities in you. Our role as CDR services providers is to use ‘Questionnaires’ in order to dig out relevant information from our clients to create suitable Career Episodes for them.”
  • EA is interested in you and not your company. Hence, it is important that you leave out all the extra details about the company’s history or market share. Focus on your contribution to the company and all the rewards and recognition that has come your way. Most importantly have concrete proofs to back all your claims. Our experts do a detailed study of your professional background to highlight ho you have all the required skill set.
  • All the three Career Episodes hold equal relevance. In the Summary Statement, you will have to mention them and the aptitude that they focus on. According to our CDR Report writing experts, Summary Statement is the first page that assessors go through. It is their first reference on your ability to analyse information and also creates your ‘first impact’ on them.
  • Through CDR, the EA wants to know your capabilities and that’s why our experts suggest that you talk of any technical challenges that you faced during a project. Focus on the magnitude of the issue, how it affected your company in terms of losses and how you as an engineer took valid steps to counter the problem at hand.
  • Another important part is CPD or Continuing Professional Development which contains all the relevant information that shows how you kept yourself updated with latest development in the field. Here you can mention all the seminars, conferences and workshops that you attended and engineering journals that you read.
  • Career Episodes have to be written in the first person and in active voice. You can frame your sentence as, ‘I researched’, ‘I planned’, ‘I obtained feedback’ etc. Make sure that the entire focus is on your engineering experience rather than going into unnecessary details.
  • It is important to only use CDR samples as a point of reference and never copy them. If EA finds any plagiarism in your CDR, then you will be immediately rejected. Though, there are cases when you can unknowingly plagiarize your work. When you go through samples before working on your CDR, you accidentally end up using sentences and phrases that your mind unconsciously memorized. Despite the nature of the error, your work will still not pass through EA as they have no way to make out the mistake was genuine or not. This is where Plagiarism Checking and Removal services provided by us can help. Our editors make use of an effective and advanced tool to filter out your CDR and find out which part needs paraphrasing.

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