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Career Episode Writing

CDR or Competency Demonstration Report is required for all engineers in the U.S.A who are keen on pursuing a career in Australia. A very important part of an impressive CDR is Career Episode writing. The Engineers Australia (EA) assesses all engineers migrating to Australia based on this Career Episode report. There are four categories out of which all engineers are required to pick one in order to qualify for skilled migration. These occupational categories are listed below.

  • Professional Engineers
  • Engineering Technologists
  • Engineering Associates
  • Engineering Managers

Each of the above mentioned categories comes with its own list of competencies that are formulated by the EA. If you are planning to go for a professional engineering career in Australia then you must fulfill the criteria of your preferred occupational category. Writing Career Episodes for Engineers Australia is by no means an easy job and needs skilled expertise.

Why Career Episode is important

The occupational categories provided by EA are the most important aspect of Career Episode writing. All four of them feature competencies that are very useful for applicants working on their CDR Report and also the EA. As an engineer, this gives you a better idea of what you are seeking and how you can truly display your skill set. This is why, what you write in your Career Episode should be substantial and clearly reflect how your abilities can be of value to the EA. This is a determining factor in assuring your migration from U.S.A to Australia to pursue a career as an engineer.

An important reason why you must avail Career Episode writing service is because our panel of experts have ample amount of experience in writing such career episode. Before working on the essay, you must choose the desired topic. The occupational category that you select serves as a platform for you to showcase to the EA, all the desired competencies in your own career graph. Furthermore, it also ascertains how you can bring your acquired knowledge and skill set to the chosen occupation. Our tutors have written excellent CE in the past and have an ample amount of experience in presenting how an applicant has all the desired competencies for the selected category.

Format of Career Episodes for CDR Australia

Career Episode for CDR Australia has to follow a particular format which is described below

1. Introduction

The introduction is the preliminary step to every Career Episode. It should be maximum of 100 words and should contain the following:

  • The date as well as the duration of the career episode.
  • Mention the specific place where this experience was gained.
  • Lastly, mention the name of the organization where you gained this experience and the position that you held there.

2. Background

The purpose of background is to set in the theme and give an overview of the context that you have either been studying or working on. It has to be written in 200 to 500 words and must contain the following:

  • The theme of the entire project.
  • Target or aim of the entire project.
  • A classification of your specific work area.
  • Mention the position that you occupy in your organizational and how it is linked with the career episode.
  • Lastly, give a statement of duties performed by you and try giving an official statement wherever possible.

3. Personal Engineering Activity

As the name suggests, this is the section where you will talk about the actual work that was undertaken by you and how you made use of your skillset. This part is the body of the narrative and must convey to Engineers Australia (EA) the role you performed and how you performed it. Also, make sure you avoid talking of what the team did but rather just focus on your role. Here you need to mention the following:

  • In what way you made use of your engineering knowledge.
  • Talk of the tasks that were assigned to you and how you skillfully handled them.
  • Technical difficulties that arose during undertaking of the task and how you solved them.
  • The strategies that you brought into use which includes original and creative designs implemented by you.

4. Summary

The conclusion has to talk about your overview and your role in the engineering activity in approximately 100 words.

  • Your view on the entire project.
  • What progress did the project made in achieving the targeted goal.
  • How you personally contributed to the project.

Topics suggested by our tutors for Career Episode Writing

You are required to write three CEs in CDR for which discretion is required while choosing a career episode topic. Each episode must clearly showcase that you truly have the desired knowledge and skills for the occupation of your choice. Often applicants are confused about ideas that sit well with writing a good Career Episode report. Here are a few suggestions by our panel of experts:

  • Any project that you previously worked on or are currently undertaking, that started during the beginning of your career.
  • All the workshops you attended, any techfest you were a part of or even projects you participated in during your educational program.
  • The position that you occupy in your company and how you have proved a key player in helping the company grow.
  • Any specific engineering problem or innovation that you worked on.

Why seek professional help for writing Career Episode

Career Episode is a crucial factor to ascertain that you are competent enough to pass the litmus test set up by Engineers Australia (EA). Career Episode report engineers Australia has to have enough gravitas to be able to clearly demonstrate your knowledge and skills. If you are planning to migrate from U.S.A to Australia then a good CDR report is the major deciding factor. This is why you cannot take any risk with it. Our tutors that come from major Australian cities are well-versed with EA standards.

They brainstorm with you to pick the best topic and give it a structured shape. This way the essay clearly displays that you hold all the competencies for your chosen profile. Another important factor that impacts Career Episodes report is the use of proper and communicative Australian English. This may be an issue with those applying from U.S.A or other parts of the world but our tutors are well-versed with this style.

Our professional CDR writers will have a good look at your engineering journey and based on that, they will pen down customized Career Episodes report. Our experts are engineers that have successfully cleared the benchmark of EA and hence have become well-versed with the guidelines. You can also get in touch with the tutor working on your project in order to check their credential. This is primarily for your satisfaction and secondly, to ascertain an open dialogue between both parties. Career Episode Writing Service in USA can help you fulfill your dreams of migrating to Australia by taking you through the most important step to attain Engineers Australia approval.

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