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Staying in Qatar shouldn’t hamper your chances with your CDR approval in any manner. While you have all the technical acumen, Engineers Australia, which stands to be the assessing authority these CDR reports, would like to match your skills with their requirements. And, the Competency Development Report provides them with that opportunity. However, CDR writing is not an easy task, considering that the stakes are very high. It is a great opportunity that can open doors to a bright future and needs serious work. Therefore, you may reach out for expert assistance with CDR Summary Statement or CDR writing from

In your CDR summary Statement, you need to summarise the three Career Episodes. In this one-pager section, you have the perfect opportunity to guide the assessor to the required section of your Career Episode. You have to mark and map the correct paragraph (from the Career Episodes) with the given competency element; basis the occupational role that you apply for. Here, it is very important to diligently number the paragraphs while working on the Career Episodes.

With you can let go of all worries and allow the experts to provide the best summary statement writing services. The professional engineers and writers who work for us have a detailed understanding of what the EA assessor’s desire. This is through the decades of experience they bring on the table. And, through the 99% positive assessments received until now.

Every one of them understands how best to mould and present the different sections of the report to keep it unique and as impactful. Their professional take on CDR Summary Statement Writing impresses the assessors all the time. And, we have ample proof by way of approved CDR reports proving the same.

Why Go For a CDR Summary Statement Sample?

As you begin researching to put together your CDR, samples always help! The Summary Statement Samples that we share with you are a part of the approved CDRs that we have in our database because we worked on them. So this is proof enough of the quality that we offer and percentage of positive assessments that we achieve. You can have a detailed review and understand our approach better.

How to Write the Perfect Summary Statement

The Summary Statement that we draft is basis the choice of an occupational category that one applies for. To prepare your CDR, you need to apply for anyone amongst the four occupational categories. They are Engineering Technologist, Engineering Manager, Engineering Associate, and Professional Engineer.

For instance, if you apply for the occupational role of a Professional Engineer and are now looking for a Professional Engineer Summary Statement, you can reach out to our experts at and we will work on your summary statement for you. Rest assured that the work we do is absolutely aligned to the procedures and guidelines as shared by the Engineers Australia, through the MSA (Migration Skills Assessment) Booklet. Of course, since the templates are different for different occupational roles, we loop in experts from the given area.

In the Summary Statement meant for a Professional Engineer, we highlight aspects like:

Knowledge and Skill Base

This section demands a preview to your understanding of the domain and the knowledge that you encompass. Here, you may highlight the projects, areas of research, and engineering norms etc.

Engineering Application Ability

This is more about the initiatives pertaining to the projects that you have worked upon. This also helps you to perfectly map the activities with the desired competency elements, basis the projects and your roles. You can speak of the tools and techniques you employed and initiatives towards problem-solving. You can also highlight the leadership abilities and management capabilities.

Professional and Personal Attributes

Under this section, you can speak about your personal and professional ethics. These are what make you a complete personality. Highlight any special initiatives towards environmental conservation, employee benefits, worker safety etc.

Your Summary Statement reflects the path to your Career Episodes and helps in the easy mapping of the skill set and experiences to the competency elements. Once you are confident about the Summary Statement, you may rest assured about creating a long-lasting impact on the assessor.

Reach out for expert assistance at We offer the perfect take on your CDR Summary Statement.

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