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Working and settled in Qatar? Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), could just be the beginning of a great Australian dream for you. RPL Australia is about gauging your ICT skills. So, if you aren’t exactly ICT qualified or just have a tertiary qualification to speak of, you should apply for RPL. The ACS, which stands for Australian Computer Society would then review the application and gauge your skills and professional experience basis established guidelines. Thereupon, the assessors would try and map the skill set and on the job exposure with requirements in Australia.

While you may bring along years of professional experience to the table, RPL report writing is still a skilled task to be trusted to the masters. This is one essential step which needs complete focus as you can’t go wrong with the essentials towards your Visa Application. Isn’t it?

At CDRReport.org we have a trustworthy team of ACS RPL experts, who have years of experience working on these reports. Our team of experts comprise of ICT professionals, Computer Technology experts, report writers, editors, and proofreaders. All of them work together to make each and every report absolutely impeccable. And, we are certainly proud of the 99% positive assessments we have acquired until now.

So, as you begin working on your RPL Report, understand the categories of application well. This will be very important to adopt the correct approach of working on your report.

  • In the first scenario, ACS needs to understand your past employment details as an ICT employee, spanning a minimum of six years. Please note that the role you exhibit must map to a relevant ANZSCO Code, as defined by the ACS.
  • In the second scenario, if you do not possess even tertiary ICT qualifications, your professional experience must extend by another two years, over the minimum six years as mentioned above. However, these additional two years need not be relevant or in-line with the ICT experience.

Project Report Submission

Your RPL report needs to accompany two project reports as well.

  1. Wherein, one of the project should have been worked within the last three year, and
  2. The other one, within the last five years

Through our RPL Report Writing Services, we also care about the essential criteria for project report submission and cover all bases by interviewing you comprehensively on areas like:

  1. Your specific contribution to the project design or implementation activities
  2. The network topologies, which specify the size of the installed facilities you worked with
  3. System analysis, system design on how the methodologies were implemented
  4. Specifics on the programming language and processes you adopted and adhered to respectively
  5. Details on the managerial initiatives that you undertook

RPL Assistance from CDRReport.org

When you reach out to us for the best RPL Report Writing Services in Australia, we ensure you nothing but the highest quality. Our team comprises experienced RPL writers and experts with precise ICT qualifications that are apt to give you a winning report.

  1. We have decades of experience behind us to ensure your success
  2. Our ICT professionals bring along enriching experience
  3. We adhere to the deadlines always
  4. Our team comprises of proof-readers and editors who make your report absolutely error free and submission ready
  5. We run thorough plagiarism checks and grammar checks to make the reports absolutely ‘unique’
  6. Years of experience have brought us to the stage of achieving 99% positive assessments with all our reports like RPL, CDR, and KA02
  7. Our RPL Report Writing services are extremely affordable with highest quality

Our team is available to speak to you and guide you through the process of report writing and submission towards your Visa Application. You can ask for RPL report samples to get an insight into the reports that we deliver and the expertise that reflects through them. We are sure to impress you with that.

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