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KA 02 or Knowledge Assessment 02 is defined by an application or technical report as submitted by Engineers from Qatar, towards achieving a Skilled Migration Visa to New Zealand. Engineers New Zealand, which stands to be the assessing authority for KA 02, acts as a non-profit organization, working towards the development of Engineers and Engineering Skills in the country. Engineering professionals or professionals with an interest in this field come together to make Engineers New Zealand. They have drafted various guidelines in terms of educational, professional, procedural requirements, and moral code of ethics to be adhered to by every engineer, working or migrating to the country. The organization assists in the holistic development of all its members.

ENZ or Engineers New Zealand publishes basic requirements to be fulfilled by applicants who aspire to migrate to the country and pursue a career in the engineering domain. Here, the assessors from ENZ aspire to assess what the individual brings to the table, in terms of professional skills in the ICT domain. Thereby, a Non-ICT/Tertiary ICT applicant needs to submit a KA 02 Report New Zealand towards achieving a successful visa for the country.

Essentially the purpose lies in allowing the professionals having limited/no ICT qualification to showcase their skills and exposure in ICT through professional experience. They get an opportunity to elaborate on the skills they have acquired through their professional journey, by working in this segment. In this case, the ENZ assessors can actually map their acquired skills to the qualifications required. So that the work exposure makes up for a lack of an actual diploma or degree in ICT from different New Zealand Universities. Such candidates who lack the degree but have so much work to.

CDRReport.org offers KA 02 report writing services by way of its immense knowledge and understanding in this area. Our expert report writers, ICT professionals, editors, and proof-readers work on your KA 02 reports to make them come out extremely professional and absolutely in line with ENZ requirements. Our immense understanding of the field is reflected by the 99% positive assessments that our reports achieve. We work on every report in a unique manner to stay away from plagiarism and run multiple checks to ensure the same. While the process is absolutely aligned to the established requirements, each report needs to showcase a personal story of the applicant and we understand that.

As you struggle to work on your KA 02 Report understand that there are two categories of the same, under which you need to apply.

  • In Scenario 1, you need to have graduated from a university in a country, which is accredited to the Washington Accord. Or, from a university that follows the guidelines set by New Zealand universities. If you fulfil, any of these two requirements, you can actually submit a KA 01 report to the ENZ.
  • However, per Scenario 2, if you have done your graduation from a university not affiliated to and adhering to the Washington Accord, or any other Australian University, you need to submit KA 02 to ENZ.

Since the report is very important for the visa process, it is obvious that many engineers still believe in attempting on their own. However, what they fail to understand is the fact that they have a limited understanding of the procedures and guidelines. But professional help from KA 02 writing experts is something that can relieve you of all ambiguities.


CDRReport.org for KA 02 Writing

At CDRRepprt.org we have been working on KA 02 reports for engineers from Qatar, aspiring to make a career in the ICT segment in New Zealand. Our team of experts is conversant with all guidelines on KA 02 writing and provide you with the best reports, within the desired timelines, at the most affordable charges.

We believe in making our work speak for itself. And, the success rate speaks the same. The KA 02 reports worked upon by us are:

  • Demonstrate your skills effectively
  • Pass through multiple rounds of Quality Checks
  • 100 % unique and plagiarism free
  • Abide by all procedures and guidelines set by Engineers New Zealand
  • Adhere to the submission timelines

Being an independent organization we have complete autonomy in bringing on board the best report writing experts and proof-readers. Our team is available for your consultation and service, 24*7. Reach out today for requirements related to KA 02. We will be happy to assist.

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