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Upon completing your Engineering in Qatar, if you now have aspirations for a bright career in Australia, submitting a CDR (Competency Development Report) is the first step in the direction. Engineers Australia, the assessment authority for CDR reports, would want to assess your educational and professional journey until now, to find the perfect match. This calls for a perfect take on CDR Writing and clearing the assessment in one go.

The report acts as a vessel to smoothen this transition and we at take care to make this vessel perform seamlessly. Each report that is submitted to the EA, is assessed deeply to analyse the applicant’s standing basis for the requirements in the country. To sail through the process smoothly, the report needs to be prepared in complete alignment with EA guidelines, as shared in the Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) booklet.

Through the report, you get the opportunity to detail out some significant projects and activities that you were a part of, during your professional journey. It will help showcasing the competencies represented and innovations conducted. This actually calls for a strategic take on CDR Report Writing. The greater the impact of your achievements on the assessors, the greater the chance for your Visa approval.

CDR writing service offered by is an initiative to help out applicants like you who want to clear their CDR assessments on the very first go. Our team of experts, writers, proof-readers, and editors have years of experience behind them and understand the essential requirements of the EA assessors. Our results of achieving 99% positive assessments with our reports are staggering and encouraging.

Why Take Expert Help?

Your CDR pictures your professional journey perfectly. With sections like Continuing Professional Development (CPD), Career Episodes, and Summary Statement, it outlines your past experiences, accomplishments, and developmental journey. This certainly calls for CDR report writing to be a task to be performed by experts. Moreover, being working professionals, most of you are unable to devote the desired time or the required thought to make your report stand out and receive a positive assessment.

However, with our extremely affordable, yet high-quality CDR writing services Australia, we are bridging the distance between expert help and your requirement.

Experts’ Tips to Achieve Success with Your CDR

Our CDR Report Writers follow an established path to achieve success with your reports. With each of them having an experience of working on hundreds of CDRs until now, and an inside insight of what the assessors actually want, they share a few tips to help you with the reports.

  1. Begin working on your CDR, only after you understand the context of it all. Go through the MSA booklet thoroughly and read through the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of all three sections. Once you have complete clarity on the reason for writing the same, you will be able to do a better job.
  2. Our CDR Report writing services bring out the best in your reports by making use of appropriate language and structure. And, this makes a lot of difference. So whenever you chose to go about working on your own report, keep in mind that the requirement is for Australian English and nothing else. So read and reread, use tools to check any grammatical errors and present the report in the perfect manner.
  3. As you work your way through the report, understand that the Career Episodes hold extreme importance in your CDR. With each one of these three Episodes you get the opportunity to showcase some chosen competencies in the occupational area you have chosen to apply for. You can start off by referring the related competency elements from the MSA booklet and chose instances to elaborate accordingly. Remember that along with domain specific competencies the assessors are keen to understand your analytical skills, leadership capabilities, and spirit towards social well being. Other competencies must surely match the role you are applying for: Engineering Manager, Engineering Associate, Engineering Technologist, or Professional Engineer.
  4. Through our CDR report writing services for Engineers Australia, we try to offer the expertise in one or every aspect of the report. Applicants can reach out for writing or review assistance with a particular section or the entire report. However, while you are making a self-attempt do remember that assessors are averse to unrequired information. For instance, they are keen to know about your role in the project you highlight. Your duties and responsibilities, the initiatives you took, any system improvement or innovations made etc. Speak about the organization in brief and that will suffice.
  5. In your CPD you need to highlight your developmental journey. They will be figuring out about how you keep yourself market ready at all times. Are you taking any certifications or attending any relevant workshops? So, explain the initiatives in detail here.
  6. Through the Summary Statement you are providing a summarised glance to your Career Episodes. Here, you would map the correct instance from one of your Career Episodes to the desired competency indicator. And for this, you need to mark every paragraph of your Career Episode correctly.
  7. Through our best cdr writing services, we always try to make your report sound and represent a ‘true you’. Our experts suggest you to use an active voice while preparing the report. So, to create the best impression, stick to statements like ‘I calculated the results’, ‘I led the team’, etc.

While there is surely no-one better than yourself to understand the future aspirations that you have. However, through years of experience we have learnt and evolved to receive such results with our reports. Today we are considered to be the best cdr writing services in Australia, and this is because we consider you to be a different individual. This is why each of our CDR for EA is unique in its own way.

We always begin by interviewing you and understanding you better as an individual and a professional. Simultaneously, we will try to gauge your expectations from the future and the career path that you want to choose. This enables us to make the report more about ‘you’ and eventually prove ourselves as the best cdr writing services in Australia.

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