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From amongst the three sections that your CDR (Competency Development Report) is divided into, Career Episode Writing is the most significant one. It is here at this stage that all applicants need to offer a lot of time and energy to put together three impactful episodes. While collating three Career Episodes and highlighting three important events/instances from your professional exposure, you might seek expert help with Career Episode Writing.

Career Episode Report

Through the Career Episode Report, the assessing authority EA (Engineers Australia) establishes the correct mapping for you, per the requirements in Australia. You can use this important section of the report to elaborate on three chosen events, wherein you were able to reflect many of the desired competencies, basis the occupational role you are applying for. In other words, every one of the three Career Episodes, must align to the exact choice of the role you are applying the Skilled Migration Visa for. These four roles could be:

  • Professional Engineers
  • Engineering Technologists
  • Engineering Associates
  • Engineering Managers

You can identify the correct competency indicators mapped with each of these roles by going through the MSA (Migration Skills Assessment) booklet thoroughly. The booklet is immensely helpful while you prepare your CDR. It allows you the glimpse into the updated requirements and any procedural changes that the EA suggests every year.

Our team of CDR writers and experts at offers impeccable Career Episode Writing Service. We understand the requirements in and out and perfectly align your past professional achievements to bring that out in the most relevant manner. With immense experience and exposure in the field of CDR writing, we have successfully helped over hundreds of applicants to achieve their Skilled Migration Visa through an approved CDR.

Being based out of a different country should never act as a deterrent to the path you choose for yourself. Rather we believe in bringing out the edge that you have and showcasing it strategically. Your Career Episodes are a perfect reflection of yourself, as an engineering professional. It tells the tale of your professional competence, decision making, leadership abilities, eye for details, and ability to gauge and work towards societal benefits. The professional engineers and writers working on your Career Episodes understand the domains well and are also thorough with the procedures and guidelines of the EA.

Experts’ Tips for Career Episodes for Engineers Australia

We understand how confusing it becomes when you need to highlight only a chosen instances from your vast professional experience. Moreover, choosing the perfect ones that bring out the desired competencies is another difficult task. Decades of experience in CDR writing surely takes places us few steps further in this direction and we fulfil the requirement comfortably.

When you reach out to us with a requirement for CDR writing or working on certain sections of the same, for instance on the Career Episodes, we begin by interviewing you comprehensively. This is in view of understanding your past accomplishments and future aspirations well. This allows our writers a clear picture. For this we require:

  1. You to feel free and give us complete clarity on your educational and professional milestones. The more the level of trust and information sharing, the better it gets for the report.
  2. It is very essential that you stay transparent with everything. Even the slightest mis-information or mis-communication can prove detrimental to the report that you submit. Please be advised that the EA will ask for documentary evidence to all the claims that are made in the report.

Therefore, while our expert interviews you, please tell freely about

  • Any workshops that you participated in or journals that you subscribe or contribute towards
  • Special projects that you have been a part of, with specific details on the role that you played, competencies reflected, etc.
  • Highlight any innovations (functional/design) that you have been successful with and that helped change the course of the project greatly.
  1. The writers and engineers at are conversant with Australian English , which is the official language for your CDR Reports
  2. They are adept with all procedural requirements, structural instructions pertaining the aspect of report writing and its representation. They ensure that everything is aligned to the updated MSA booklet.
  3. Our writers refrain from unrequired details as the assessors are not keen for that. They want precise reports, which do not come with irrelevant information about the organizations that you worked for or the collaborative team efforts. Assessors are looking out for your personal initiatives and achievements.

We work on your Career Episodes in the following manner.

A brief introduction that sets the base about who you are and what you aspire for, through the concerned Episode. This is just to provide a quick glimpse to the assessor about you. In the introduction we can just give a preview on your employer and the project; your position and role.

As we move further into describing your project and the role, we can outline the KRAs required basis the job description and the project requirements.

Once the assessor gets some understanding, we elaborate on the role in detail, the procedures and guidelines you adhered to, the engineering activities undertaken, strategies implemented, and path to goal accomplishment. This sets base for us to map the competency indicators that we want to elaborate here and conclude the same with a greater impact.

Through all our reports we only follow the active representation for that greater impact. So we use sentences like ‘I planned the launch’, ‘I assessed the results’ etc.

At, we understand that every assessor is looking at hundreds of reports, coming from the same number of applicants. And, they are looking at something different with each one of them. And, so we write the most unique and best career episodes for engineers Australia. We also ensure affordable services and timely delivery every time.

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