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ACS RPL is your pass to a smooth professional transition from Qatar to Australia. The Australian Computer Society mandates submission of an RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) report, for your visa approval. This is not just an essential ‘to do’, but something that needs you to represent your professional journey until now with full conviction. It is something that will surely make your candidature stand out.

What ACS, the Australian Computer Society, does is that it evaluates you for the skills that they desire from you, basis the market requirements in Australia. Through this report, they strive to find the partial/perfect match. By assessing your ICT qualifications. So if you are from a tertiary/non-ICT background, you need to work on an RPL Australia report and submit the same to get your visa approved.

Since writing a report that seems so important is not something that can come naturally to you, you have expert assistance from CDRReport.org. Our report writers and ICT professionals churn hundreds of RPL reports every year and 99% of them receive a positive assessment by the ACS. What’s more important to understand here is the fact that our experts strive to bring about the limited ICT stronghold that you have, in a strategic manner. This is very important to boost up your candidature in spite of having no/tertiary ICT qualifications.

You can certainly understand what we say, through the RPL report samples that we offer. Through those, you can review our methodology to bring out the best from your professional exposure in ICT related areas. Since we work on hundreds of RPL reports every year, we do own a huge database of RPL reports. When we offer you a sample, it is basis the domain you come from and the category of application. It stands to be more relevant this way.


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Through our RPL Report Writing Services, we can help you prepare or review the RPL reports, in a scenario where you aspire to work on the report yourself, begin by assessing the samples first. Approved reports that act as samples, give you the push in the correct direction ‘only’. Otherwise, it tends to get very confusing and difficult to choose the right path. And, any ambiguity in the report can cost you another few months before you can re-apply. So why waste your efforts, when all help and guidance is there?

Upon going through a good number of RPL sample reports you get a fair idea of the correct approach to adopt, the content to choose, and the kind of projects to highlight. It also gives a fair view of the language, comprehension, structure, and the kind of examples to adopt. All of these might seem minute, but hold due cognizance to the assessor, when it comes to assessing hundreds

Through our RPL Report Writing Services, we offer samples under the following two categories of RPL Report Application:

If you hold a six-year experience working in an ICT related field (but, not ICT qualified). Here, you need to map the field of your employment with an ICT related domain, basis the ANZSCO codes defined by the ACS. We also guide you with this.

In the other scenario, if you aren’t bringing to table even tertiary ICT qualifications, you will need to bring along additional two years of professional experience. These two years need not be related to ICT or basis any ANZSCO Code. We also guide you here.

RPL Samples from CDRReport.org

Being the leaders in RPL Report Writing Services in Australia, we offer efficiency that no one else can. With our umbrella of services offering editing, writing, sample provisions, consultations, interview preparations, we are leading the game. We never go haywire with established procedures and guidelines set by ACS and abide by the deadlines to the core. We understand the implications of plagiarism and run thorough checks on all reports, making every one of them unique in the true sense. Reach out and glance through our expertise by way of RPL report samples. You can do that by calling, emailing, or chatting with our experts any time of the day, or night. We are open 24*7.

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