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Indian Engineers are known for their high technical acumen and are welcomed to share their expertise or work across geographical boundaries. When they aspire to build a career in Australia, they are welcomed in the same manner. However, Engineers Australia has established pre-requisites to allow the same. They evaluate all Migration Visa applications by Indian Engineers on the basis of the CDR (Competency Development Report) that they submit.

The CDR Summary Statement is a brief one-pager that summarises your Career Episodes and precisely align the events with the competency indicator you wanted to highlight. For this, it is very important that while writing the Career Episode you diligently number and mark the paragraphs. In short, the Summary Statement is a quick window to your elaborate Career Episodes and assessors show a keen interest in that.

At, we offer the best and most affordable CDR summary statement writing services through our team of CDR writing professionals. Each one of them is either an experienced engineer or a CDR writer with years of experience in this domain. Our engineers also bring along the first-hand experience with EA assessments, so that certainly is an added advantage.

They understand how to route your CDR so well that the assessors are easily able to map your experience in the domain, to what they want. Through the most professional take on Summary Statement Writing, our CDR reports make that lasting impression at one go.

Let’s Understand the Summary Statement Better

As already mentioned, the Summary Statement is a short one-pager window to what goes into your Career Episodes and this is what makes it very important. It is a tabular representation of the competency indicators and shows the precise mapping, with the specific paragraphs of your Career Episodes. This is why it is very important that you seek help from a professional Summary Statement Writing Service, like ours. Through our vast exposure in the domain and over 99% positive assessments we understand the significance of highlighting the correct units, elements, and indicators. Helping us in a precise linking to the correct text, as mentioned in the Career Episodes.

Writing a Summary Statement

Your Summary Statement will be basis the occupational category you have chosen to apply for. There are four categories to choose from: Engineering Associate, Engineering Technologist, Professional Engineers, and Engineering Manager. You can ask us for a CDR summary Statement Sample basis the category. This will help you understand the layout and EA expectations better. You can also support your knowledge on the same by thoroughly referring the MSA booklet. As you go through these, you would understand that all four categories have different templates (including different competency elements).

For instance, for the role of a Professional Engineer Summary Statement, you would elaborate on areas like

Knowledge and Skill Base

Here, you can highlight instances wherein you have been able to showcase your fundamentals and knowledge of the engineering domain you specialise in. You can highlight aspects of research, mathematics, accountability and norms of the engineering practice etc.

Engineering Application Ability

Here you need to elaborate on the technical capabilities that you hold. If you are able to read through and understand every competency description precisely, you will be able to perform a perfect mapping with your Career Episodes. While highlighting a specific project that you worked upon, you can highlight the methods that you used for resolving different engineering issues. Moving further, you can use the opportunity to highlight the tools and techniques, along with the resources for problem-solving. Remember that EA assessors are greatly impressed by your involvement in design processes, which can be followed by project management exposure.

Professional and Personal Attributes

Here, you need to elaborate on your professional ethics and personality traits, both of which help make, what you are. You can elaborate on your initiatives towards workers safety, environmental conservation, social welfare etc.

With a perfect Summary Statement for Engineers Australia, you can rest ensured that you have created a great first impression on the assessor. He will certainly move forward to assessing other sections of your CDR with a great image.

At, we take all relevant measures to make your CDR look impressive and professionally savvy. We understand the implications of going out of line with EA guidelines and never do that. So, reach out to us today to go through our report samples or specific CDR Summary Statement Sample.

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