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As you aspire to make a promising career in Australia, it is necessary to understand how and where to begin. ACS RPL could be the beginning that you are looking for. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is the process to assess your standing, in terms of the knowledge and information. The Australian Computer Society or ACS has some pre-established guidelines towards the assessment. This is mostly for the individuals who come with no ICT qualifications/ tertiary ICT qualifications. Through RPL, ACS is able to gauge and map the exact skills you bring to the table and evaluate your educational and professional exposure.

Here, the assessing authority, ACS, is offering you the scope to represent your skills in the domain, even when you aren’t ICT qualified. This is a boon for the ones without precise qualifications to showcase that they still have the equivalent level of skills. And, the RPL Report is the perfect medium to represent how they acquired the same. You too can do the same by perfectly mapping the “Key Areas of Knowledge”, to the skills and areas attained through your past professional journey. Effectively you get to outline the first-hand expertise that you have attained, over these years, without even having the desired ICT qualifications.

At CDRReport.org, our ICT experts and professional RPL writers help candidates like you clear this milestone without any major hiccup. Essentially, we help you with the RPL to completely avoid rejection, for any reason. Our subject experts and writers work on hundreds of reports for engineers coming to us with different specializations. We will draft the perfect report for you within the desired timelines, basis all ACS guidelines. Our expertise and commitment to this task make us the Masters of RPL Writing and we certainly enjoy a 99% approval rate from different assessing authorities like IPENZ, ACS, and AE.

Categories for RPL Australia Assessment Application

As an RPL applicant, you can submit your report under the following categories.

If you have the required degree, but no professional expertise to showcase. You will need to prove your employment as an ICT employee, in an organization, for a minimum of six years. Here, your field of employment needs to hold due relevance to the discipline you chose the ANZSCO Code for.

However, if you do not hold any tertiary ICT qualifications even, it’s mandatory to showcase an additional two years of ICT skilled employment. That makes it a total of eight years’ experience. The additional two years need/need not be relevant to the concerned ANZSCO code.

Project Requirements towards Your RPL Submission

Per ACS requirements, you need to submit two kinds of project reports. Here one of them needs to be worked upon in the last three years and the other for the last five years. You need to be mindful of the different parameters that should impact your ICT project writing towards ACS Skill Assessment.

  • Specifics of the personal contribution, in terms of project design and project management
  • Specifics of the network topologies, in terms of the size and the installed facilities
  • System analysis and design methodologies implemented
  • Programming languages and processes adopted
  • Specifics of managerial initiatives undertaken

At CDRReport.org, we have an established team of RPL writers and ICT experts who assist engineers from all over the world with impeccable RPL Report Writing. This definitely serves the purpose of attaining a successful visa for migration to Australia. You can get your RPL written or reviewed by our experts for the following reasons:

  1. Being in the domain, we understand the underlying requirements of the assessing authorities
  2. With engineers from different domains applying for RPL, we have experts and writers who specialize in all domains
  3. We understand the repercussions of a late submission with your RPL and wouldn’t want you to be in that position. Our submissions are always well within the agreed timelines.
  4. Our team of editors and proof-readers review the content thoroughly to remove any ambiguities and resolve any grammatical concerns.
  5. We have world class plagiarism checking tools and you can rest assured of 100% unique work
  6. Our 99% approval rate with the KA02, RPL, and CDR Reports makes us stand ahead with pride. This exemplary track record with the ACS, EA and IPENZ is all because of the team of experts and writers at CDRReport.org.
  7. If you chose to use our high quality and affordable services, you can reach out any time through chat, email, message or call. We provide 24*7 assistance for RPL Report Writing Services Australia.

 CDRReport.org offers the best in class RPL Report Writing Services. Our aim is to strengthen your claim for the skilled migration visa in the most systematic manner. With timely and precise assistance with writing and reviewing your RPL Report Australia, we do our bit to showcase your knowledge and skills in ‘just the required’ manner.

Contact CDRReport.org at info@cdrreport.org to get answers to all your queries and doubts regarding CDR writing instantly!

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