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KA02 or Knowledge Assessment 02 stands to be a technical report, which engineers like you who aspire for a bright future in New Zealand, need to submit as a pre-requisite to a successful Visa Application. The Engineers New Zealand, shares this requirement for assessment with all applicants. It is a non-profit professional organization, especially working for the engineers based and working in New Zealand. As an association of engineers or people having an interest in the domain, Engineers New Zealand works on the moral code of ethics where all from the concerned domain or interested in the same help each other with career development, in one or many ways.

What Engineers New Zealand essentially requires is that the individual who seeks migration to New Zealand must reflect the desired skills. This is the reason Engineers New Zealand KA 02 came into being and is considered an essential requirement for the applicants who come along with non/insufficient ICT. Applying from India, or elsewhere in the world has no impact on the process and ICT professionals aspiring for a Skilled Migration to New Zealand, have to clear this required procedure by submitting their KA02 report.

While applicants who come with a strong ICT background face no challenge, the ones without a relevant qualification can use this means and mode to demonstrate the level of proficiency that is a consequence of their professional experiences. They can absolutely use this opportunity to showcase the acquired skills, which are relevant to the Engineers New Zealand requirements.

This KA 02 Report New Zealand, is basically for all of you who do not come with an ICT qualification, which maps up to the degree/diploma offered in local universities. Since this might impact your candidature for the Visa, the KA 02 offers a way out. Here, you have the means to showcase what you have got, through the professional experience that you hold.

At CDRReport.org we offer you expert advice, writing, and review assistance with your KA 02 report. We have trained professionals who hold domain expertise and professional writers; all of who understand the intricacies of working on this report. Our KA 02 Report Writing Services encompass any and every domain of engineering, be it Chemical, Civil, or Computers. With decades of experience in their kitty, the team of writers, engineers, and proof-readers, only churn out winning reports. And, the whopping 99% success rate is surely proof enough.

As you begin your journey towards a positive KA 02 assessment, be aware of the categories to apply under.

In the first scenario, you could have completed your graduation from a country that has universities accredited to the Washington Accord. Or, the university actually follows the guidelines set by New Zealand universities. Wherein, in the latter scenario, the standard of education is considered at par with the qualification standards of New Zealand. In this case, you can submit a KA01 report to the Engineers New Zealand

In the second scenario, you might be coming from a university, not affiliated to the Washington Accord or affiliated to any other Australian University, so you need to submit the KA 02 report Engineers New Zealand.

Should you fall under the second scenario, you surely have a tough yet fulfilling journey ahead. Tough because you compete with a lot many applicants vying for the Skilled Migration Visa to New Zealand. Fulfilling because if you achieve success in the process, you have a bright future looking at you.

However, should you aspire to work on the KA 02 report on your own, you must be very thorough with the procedures and guidelines shared by Engineers New Zealand. These are many and highly important. From the structure of the content to the language you use, everything becomes a criterion for assessment. This is why every year, hundreds of applicants face rejection as well. Reasons could be a lack of understanding when it comes to following the correct procedure, use of inappropriate language, or laxity of supporting documents.

So, even though you have years of relevant experience to support your claim, your report can still be rejected because of one or many of the abovementioned reasons. As you look for the most professional KA 02 Report Writing Services New Zealand, reach out to CDRReport.org for the following reasons:

  1. Our team has never fallen behind the delivery deadlines. We keep promises.
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  5. We have complete panels of domain experts, proof-readers, and researchers to support with every single report
  6. Our 24*7 support team ensures a smooth connect and expectation setting between the applicant and the expert

At CDRReport.org, we believe in fulfilling promises under any condition. This is why we also offer expert guidance and counselling throughout the entire process of your migration application. Reach out and outsource your worries today!

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