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CDR Writing Services in India

Engineers from India are highly qualified to work across the globe. If you aspire to move to Australia for a fulfilling career in the domain, there are certain pre-requisites to help the transition. CDR Report or the Competency Development Report is your vessel for that transition. It allows you an opportunity for demonstrating the relevant competencies that you have attained through your professional experiences. While you are at it, you need to align the report with the guidelines as set by Engineers Australia (EA), which is the assessing authority to approve or disapprove of your CDR.

Amongst the thousands of applicants, your report needs to stand out. Thereby, CDR writing is a task that requires focus and attention to details. It is something to be taken very seriously. Yes, it is time-consuming and that might just add a lot of pressure to all who are already working and managing families. At CDRReport, we understand the tough scenario and offer professional help to win you a positive assessment. Our team of professional report writers and engineers understand the inherent expectations coming from Engineers Australia and customise your report basis your personal career journey, achievements, and expectations for the future. Through our CDR writing service, we begin by comprehensively interviewing you, to understand and capture relevant information. We offer these CDR writing services in Australia with the most affordable charges.

Our Experts Share the Winning Criteria for CDR Report Writing Basis EA Guidelines

  1. Always begin by understanding the purpose of it all. Why and what of a CDR are very essential to begin working on the same. So read through the MSA (Migration Skills Assessment) booklet, as released by the EA thoroughly. It explains the ‘Why’ for clarity on the reasons. Also, it explains the ‘What’ by detailing out the three significant sections of your CDR. These are Continuous Professional Development (CPD), Career Episodes, and the Summary Statement.
  2. The assessment authority, Engineers Australia mandates the usage of Australian English while you put together the CDR. Although the language might seem similar to British English, there are minor differences in terms of spellings and choice of words. However, when the expert writers and proof-readers of CDRReport work on your report, you need not worry about these aspects. You can get your reports for review and we will make the required corrections in the draft or get your reports worked upon by us holistically.
  3. Career Episodes hold great significance in showcasing your past professional experience and expertise, all the while giving you the opportunity to highlight EA desired competencies. So, make it a point to go through the MSA thoroughly before you begin working on them and identify what the EA desires if you choose a certain category: Professional Engineer/Engineering Technologist/Engineering Associate, or Engineering Manager. You can then finalise the topics for each of your CEs and focus on highlighting the desired competencies. Our writers interview you comprehensively and get their questionnaires filled to extract all the information correctly. This helps them customize the Career Episodes just for you.
  4. At all times while working on your CDR, do remember that it’s you, who the EA wants to know about. They aren’t keen to know more than required about your company, your team or tasks that you completed in a group. So specify your role for every project that you highlight and detail out the competency indicators specifically that you demonstrated.
  5. While Career Episodes are important, CPD, and Summary Statement are as important. Both being brief representations, you need to skip irrelevant data and only highlight your achievements and development journey in the CPD. Be prepared to validate the claims with proofs, at any stage. In your Summary Statement, you need to specify the areas that showcase a particular competency from each of the three Career Episodes.
  6. EA essentially wants to know you and your experiences better. You can absolutely skip the details on the past companies, beyond brief introduction. They would want to know about your role in a project and the recognition or rewards you achieved, basis the roles you played. Ensure that you have enough proofs to validate your claims.
  7. Your Career Episodes will only make the correct impression if assessors can connect you to them correctly. Using the first person approach helps! So stick to using an ‘active’ voice. Since they want to focus on the roles and activities you performed, draft your statements like ‘I calculated the results’, ‘I made the plan, etc.
  8. In a scenario, you seek CDR samples from us and strive to work on the report yourselves, remember that all samples that we share are already available in EA database. They are all past approved CDR reports and hence, present the best picture. So, you can just refer them and not copy or paste any section. EA is strictly against plagiarism and doing so might cost you not just a rejection, but a ban for the next one year. So, always work on the report afresh. Samples will help you identify the correct path for yourself. At CDRReport, we run our reports through multiple plagiarism checks and removals. Our proof-readers and editors have access to high-end tools for the same.

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