How To Create A Perfect Resume For Engineers Australia

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How to create a perfect Resume for Engineers Australia

One of the mandatory requirements of Engineers Australia is the submission of a curriculum vitae or CV. Whether you are applying for skill assessment, you want to obtain membership of Engineers Australia, become a Chartered Engineer or register yourself in the National Engineer Register; submission of your resume is a part of the application process. After all, the resume plays a vital role in showcasing technical skills and industrial competencies of engineers. The engineers Australia refers to the resume as a marketing tool that the engineers can use to sell their skills to their employers. So, if you are applying to Engineers Australia and want to know how to write a professional engineer resume for that, keep reading!

Some General Guidelines for Engineers Australia Resume

Before we move on to some important resume writing tips for engineers in Australia latest look at some general guidelines mentioned by Engineers Australia. One may consider the engineering resume template Australia as a guide of what you are expected to prepare a resume that reflects your individuality.



Length of the Resume

3-5 pages

Font Type

  • The font size should be 11 or 12 point
  • Do not use any fancy typefaces as they do not scan well and may take a longer time to download or print as compared to the simpler points


  • Use of dot points is recommended to make the resume appear more readable
  • Write briefly and do not include too much information on one page so that the reader can grab information from your resume easily

Work Experience

  • Mention recent work experience but do not go beyond the past 10 year’s timeline as it would be irrelevant to assess that
  • However, do not skip or remove any employment period in the last 10 years as it may appear awkward to the assessor

Work Interests and hobbies

  • Mention your hobbies and work interest as well
  • Your resume is expected to be a reflection of your whole personality and not just your technical knowledge

Language usage

  • Make sure that there are no grammatical errors and spelling mistakes
  • Make sure your words make proper sense
  • It is not recommended to write initials
  • Try to avoid jargon

Other details

  • Always use a good quality paper for mailing or leaving the resume to the Engineers Australia
  • While emailing your Resume use a program that is commonly available such as Adobe PDF or MS Word.

Standard Sections to include in your Engineers Australia CV

There are certain predefined sections that the engineers should always include while preparing their resume for Engineers Australia.

Section NameGuidelines

Name and Contact details

Mention the following clearly on the resume –

  • Address
  • Phone numbers
  • Mobile numbers
  • Email address


  • If you have received a degree you do not need to mention the details of your school
  • Just mention the following –
    • The name of the degree
    • The name of the institution
    • The year in which you completed the degree

Employment details

  • Mention the name of the company, the duration of the employment and the position you had in the company
  • Provide a link of the company’s website and a short description about the company along with this
  • Also, mention some of your job responsibilities and duties relevant to your job role.
  • Mention the achievements like how many projects you completed successfully.


  • Depending upon the job roles and responsibilities that you have mentioned specify your key skills

Additional Information

  • You should also include the following information about yourself-
    • visa type and residence status
    • hobbies
    • interests
    • language skills
    • professional courses that you have undertaken in your professional or academic career


  • You can mention the names of referees in your resume
  • Mention their job title, contact details and email addresses
  • Make sure you take the permission from them before mentioning their name in your resume

8 Things that can make a great resume for Engineers Australia

Consider the Engineers Australia resume sample given above. Can you find out why it is a good resume?  Although we have already mentioned the format of the resume here are certain tips that can help you in creating a professional engineer resume.

1. Always mention your personal details

Your personal details include your name, contact, address and email. You can also mention your personal characteristics skills and abilities. Mentioning these details helps in creating a good impression of yours on the assessor.

2. Make it clear and concise

Mention only the relevant job responsibilities, roles and competencies so that it would allow the employers to gain a clear understanding of your profile. You can also mention a short career goal at the beginning of your resume to specify your vision and expectations. Make sure your resume is not more than 3 to 4 pages of length.

3. Mention some keywords

The assessors always look for some specific words which are related to your profession or job role in your resume. So make sure you mention such things engineering resume for Australia. For instance, some software systems that are common in your job profile or some specific skills that the engineers in your job role should have.

4. Highlights of your career

Mention the highlights of your career, the achievements that you have made and the results that you have got. If you can include statistics for that, it is much better! Mentioning your career highlights is a good way to stand apart from the crowd and put a good impression on your prospective employers.

5. Provide precise educational details

Your educational details serve a way to reflect your ambitions and interests in the engineering field. Apart from university degrees, mention every course that you undertook in order to enhance your knowledge and develop your passion.

6. Showcase progression in your career

Your career snapshot of the last 10 years, if can clearly indicate your progression as an engineer, is a bonus for you! It is a good method to showcase your ‘never stop learning’ spirit, your leadership qualities and establishing your expertise in the engineering industry.

7. Skip information if not required

If you are not asked to put a photograph in your Engineers Australia resume then do not add one. References should also be included only when asked. Make your career objective short, clear and to the point. Do not include any projects in which you had not made a significant contribution.

8. Your projects matter

Engineers Australia expects you to mention all your projects in which you have played a noteworthy role. You should mention them in details so that the assessors can check your capabilities accordingly. If there is any period of time in which you were inactive in your career, you should mention the same with a valid reason.

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